About Feel-Good Fiction

About Feel-Good Fiction

Feel-Good Fiction Books floods the world with fiction in which readers can feel a sense of belonging by seeing themselves in characters that grow and change through good times and bad. Our books provide a refuge from the world as readers experience satisfying intimacy, emotional connection, and healing without explicit content.

You’ll find a place to belong with the big families in Liz Isaacson’s cowboy family sagas. Or Elana Johnson’s and Jessie Newton’s vast groups of friends – a found family. Emmy Eugene likewise provides an escape and refuge for you without friendships, small towns, and more!

There’s always a seat at the table for you at Feel-Good Fiction. You belong inside the pages of our books.

Our books are as uplifting as they are satisfying, all without crossing a line you don’t want to cross. Welcome to Feel-Good Fiction! Choose one of our amazing authors below, and get lost in the pages of a book today!

Meet Our Authors

Our Authors

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