Book 4: Birthday Boyfriend – eBook

Book 4: Birthday Boyfriend – eBook

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This Quinn cowgirl doesn’t need a lot for her birthday…just the cowboy she’s been crushing on for months. Will Flynn ever see Jessie standing right in front of him?

Original price was: $7.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Jessica Quinn has a hard time with cowboys seeing her as more than another pair of hands or the brains behind the calf auctions for her family’s ranch. No one wants to play poker with her, because she can read people like an open book. And the one cowboy she wants to notice her? Her older brother’s best friend and the one man who seems incapable of making a commitment.

Flynn Hollister has been at Quinn Valley Ranch for five years, since his dad died and his mom had to sell the farm Flynn thought he’d inherit. Rhodes and Jessie are the only two people who’ve always accepted him for who he is, and dancing, dating, and laughing keep his misery at bay. He’s always had a soft spot for Jessie that he’s never acted on—and he’s in the middle of a 30-day female fast—when she shows up to poker night the day before her birthday.

Can Flynn find a way to put his heartache in the past and make himself Jessie’s birthday boyfriend? Or will Jessie lose her heart to the wild cowboy who can’t be tamed?

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