Catching the Cowboy – Audiobook

Catching the Cowboy – Audiobook

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A cowboy who can’t get off the ranch to meet anyone, a stylist who hasn’t been on a second date in a year, and the relationship that starts when they’re stranded in a cabin together… Hazel Brewster has gone on more first dates than anyone in Grape Seed Falls, and she thinks maybe Dylan deserves a second…

Can they find their way through wild animals, huge life changes, and their emotional pasts to find their forever future?

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by Caroline McLaughlin, today!

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $8.99.
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Cowboy Dylan Royal is good at two things: whistling and caring for cattle. When his cows are being attacked by an unknown wild animal, he calls Texas Parks & Wildlife for help. He wasn’t expecting a beautiful mammologist to show up, all flirty and fun and everything Dylan didn’t know he wanted in his life

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