Cheering the Cowboy – Audiobook

Cheering the Cowboy – Audiobook

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A cowboy with anger management issues, the woman whose ranch he “stole,” and their chance to get everything they want for Christmas…including each other. As they work to make this Christmas the best the Triple Towers Ranch has ever seen, can they also navigate through their rocky relationship to smoother waters?

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Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $8.99.
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Austin Royal loves his life on his new ranch with his brothers. But he doesn’t love that Shayleigh Hatch came with the property, nor that he has to take the blame for the fact that he now owns her childhood ranch. They rarely have a conversation that doesn’t leave him furious and frustrated—and yet he’s still attracted to Shay in a strange, new way.

When he shows up to the anger management meeting Shay runs, she’s annoyed beyond measure. She has to deal with him in her space at Triple Towers Ranch, which her father lost because of his hoarding problem, and now in her personal life too? Doesn’t seem fair.

Problem is, Shay is inexplicable drawn to Austin too, which utterly confuses and angers her. But when he finds out Triple Towers used to be the place to be during Christmastime—and that she still has all the decorations in an old shed—he insists they bring back the holiday glory days.

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