Book 4: Christmas Cowboy – Audiobook

Book 4: Christmas Cowboy – Audiobook


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He needs to start a new story for his life. She’s dealing with a lot of family issues. Can Slate and Jill find solace in each other at Hope Eternal Ranch?

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by Becky Doughty, today!

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Slate Sanders has been out of prison for a couple of months now. He keeps his head down and his mouth shut around the ranch, and not just because he’s only a temporary cowboy. He’s not sure what to participate in, because he’s still trying to figure out who he is post-prison.

When he encounters Jill Kyle on the beach one morning, he can’t help but go see what she’s raging about. He’s worried for her safety, and it’s not until he gets closer that he realizes she works on the same ranch as him.

Jill has just learned about her mother’s devastating illness, and she’s ready to take all of her frustrations out on the beach, the ocean, and the Lord. As Jill and Slate connect over things lost, things gained, and an uncertain future, they both heal in unexpected ways. Jill didn’t think she’d ever find someone to settle down with, and Slate has never had a serious relationship in his life.

But together, they seem to make sense in a world where nothing does.

With Christmas on the horizon, can Slate and Jill find themselves, create a new story for their future, and let go of the past before their heartache pushes them apart? Cowboys looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

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