Book 4: Christmas Cowboy – eBook

Book 4: Christmas Cowboy – eBook

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He needs to start a new story for his life. She’s dealing with a lot of family issues. Can Slate and Jill find solace in each other at Hope Eternal Ranch?

Slate Sanders has been out of prison for a couple of months now. He keeps his head down and his mouth shut around the ranch, and not just because he’s only a temporary cowboy. He’s not sure what to participate in, because he’s still trying to figure out who he is post-prison.

When he encounters Jill Kyle on the beach one morning, he can’t help but go see what she’s raging about. He’s worried for her safety, and it’s not until he gets closer that he realizes she works on the same ranch as him.

Jill has just learned about her mother’s devastating illness, and she’s ready to take all of her frustrations out on the beach, the ocean, and the Lord. As Jill and Slate connect over things lost, things gained, and an uncertain future, they both heal in unexpected ways. Jill didn’t think she’d ever find someone to settle down with, and Slate has never had a serious relationship in his life.

But together, they seem to make sense in a world where nothing does.

With Christmas on the horizon, can Slate and Jill find themselves, create a new story for their future, and let go of the past before their heartache pushes them apart? Cowboys looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

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Rugged Cowboy: He's a cowboy mechanic with two kids and an ex-wife on the run. She connects better to horses than humans. Can Dallas and Jess find their way to each other at Hope Eternal Ranch?

Christmas Cowboy: He needs to start a new story for his life. She's dealing with a lot of family issues. Can Slate and Jill find solace in each other at Hope Eternal Ranch?

Wishful Cowboy: He needs a place where he can thrive without his past haunting him. She's been waiting for the cowboy to return so she can confess her feelings. Can Luke and Hannah make their second chance into a forever love?

Risky Cowboy: She’s tired of making cheese and ice cream on her family’s dairy farm, but when the cowboy hired to replace her turns out to be an ex-boyfriend, Clarissa suddenly isn’t so sure about leaving town… Will Spencer risk it all to convince Clarissa to stay and give him a second chance?

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Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $4.99.
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Slate Sanders has been out of prison for a couple of months now. He keeps his head down and his mouth shut around the ranch, and not just because he’s only a temporary cowboy. He’s not sure what to participate in, because he’s still trying to figure out who he is post-prison.

When he encounters Jill Kyle on the beach one morning, he can’t help but go see what she’s raging about. He’s worried for her safety, and it’s not until he gets closer that he realizes she works on the same ranch as him.

Jill has just learned about her mother’s devastating illness, and she’s ready to take all of her frustrations out on the beach, the ocean, and the Lord. As Jill and Slate connect over things lost, things gained, and an uncertain future, they both heal in unexpected ways. Jill didn’t think she’d ever find someone to settle down with, and Slate has never had a serious relationship in his life.

But together, they seem to make sense in a world where nothing does.

With Christmas on the horizon, can Slate and Jill find themselves, create a new story for their future, and let go of the past before their heartache pushes them apart? Cowboys looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

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90 reviews for Book 4: Christmas Cowboy – eBook

  1. Niki T

    This is a great story about Slate and Jill, they both have a lot that they need to overcome to find happiness in their lives.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Gram Pam

    The Hope Eternal ranch books are great to show that finding your true love isn’t always an easy task whether you are looking for true love or not.

  3. Shadowell

    Another wonderful book in this series. It was very captivating and moving. I couldn’t stop reading till the end. Now I can’t wait to read to next one.

  4. Wandi

    Good story written by a talented author.I enjoy her books. Their gather around family, emotions, food and activity. The places she writes about in her books seem real with large open places with small town environments. Ranch life with the animals and those that care for them.

  5. Karen Brasher aka Avid Reader

    Slate and Jill have a wonderful love story. They have been working together at Hope Ranch for several months but only meet when he witnesses her throwing something into the waves of the gulf and screaming. She has just learned her mother has cancer and is very upset. From that point they become closer and develop a relationship but Slade’s past begins to interfere with their future. What happens when he has to face that past head on?

  6. karenc

    Slate just out of prison, working on the ranch and trying to find his way in a new life. Jill has been working on the ranch as well, but life is kicking her butt. This is such a sweet book, so nice to watch this relationship develop. Both of them have to face the demons from their pasts before they can find happiness. They’re great characters, real and flawed, and it was an enjoyable holiday book.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  7. Marilyn

    I enjoy these books about people getting a second chance in life. We all need multiple chances as we don’t always make wise decisions. Slate got hooked on drugs when he was given pain pills for an injury. His life spiraled out of control until he wound up in a minimum security prison. Jill works at the ranch that helps rehabilitate guys when they leave prison. Jill had her own secrets involving a past relationship and the financial hardship she was facing now. They fell madly in love but circumstances from his past caused him to run from the ranch. Where does he flee to? What happens with his relationship with Jill? Does he mend things with his own family? I received an ARC of this book and I am giving an honest review.

  8. Stacey’s Books

    Slate has a past he can’t get over. He’s been to prison and he’s trying to change his life. But he has temptations to go back to his old lifestyle.Jill is agonizing over her mom’s health and she always feels like she’s not good enough because of her past mistakes.They fall for each other but is love enough to get them past their problems?Good book, I enjoyed it.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout. and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  9. M.K.

    Christmas Cowboy will take you on an emotional ride that wouldn’t fit on any map! Slate and Jill find love, lose it and he leaves the ranch for months before coming home.All 5 of the cowboys that have came to Hope Eternal Ranch from prison where they had plenty of time to get their lives back to showing how good of men they are now has made excellent cowboys and hard workers willing to do whatever needed doing on the ranch. The Mulbury Boys had defiantly stood together and become thicker than blood while serving their time in River Bay prison. Though they are no longer businessmen as they were before going to prison, they are hard working cowboys that love their families and will be there at just a phone call to help each other out. Luke wanted to leave to do construction work and after Slate had a visitor from his past he left Hope Eternal Ranch with Luke to keep them safe. But, months later Luke got tired of Slate’s depression even though they both worked on a construction site everyday in Colorado in snow. He tells him to go back home. Slate is scared, but he needed to hear Luke tell him to do it. It turns out to be one of the best decisions he ever makes. And like the story in the Bible of the Prodigal Son, he is welcomed back home, especially by Jill. Slate has a lot of apologizing to do to get back in Jill’s good graces. One was he had to agree to be the Cowboy Santa Claus for their very first Christmas festival at Hope Eternal Ranch.

  10. Renee

    This is my favorite in this series – so far!!! Jill and Slate are an adorable couple as well awesome people individually. I can’t quite put my finger on why this my favorite book in this series but even the angst didn’t ruffle my feathers like normal – in most books. It seemed to me to be needed. They both have things going on that they are dealing with. Their story just touched my heart and kept me engaged and reading until the very last page. I was left smiling but a little sad that it was at the end. Great addition to the series!!! gotta read


    So wonderful! I love this book. So full of imperfect people who fight hard to atone for their mistakes and find love. Jill and Slate are so perfect for each other.

  12. Diane

    Very good story of heart ache and love. It. Was mixed together in the right ways.The people where so special.

  13. Alaska reader

    Slate has no idea who he is now or what he wants to do. He goes to the ranch to be with his friends, who have been through the ranch program.In addition to deciding on a career, he discovers that he has the strength to overcome his addiction without relapse.Good writing & story telling.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Slate has lived a pretty rough life. Can he actually live a drug free life with Jill? He has some demons and troubles to fix first, and he doesn’t want her hurt, so he’s not sure that will ever be possible.

  15. Elaine Kiefer

    I am really enjoying this series, and I think Slate is my favorite so far. As he battles the demons of his past and finds his way to a new life, he finds love along the way. His is a journey filled with self-loathing, insecurity and even danger, but as he learns to lean on his faith and hear the voice of God, he finds his way home and to his future. This group of men who have been through so much, due to their own choices, have found a way to join together, support one another and heal. Hope Eternal Ranch is just that….a place of hope.

  16. BookloverK

    Spade and Jill are so right for each other. They each have adjustments to make in their lives apart and together.

  17. Kristen Lewendon

    I have gone and fallen in love with these cowboys and the emotional rollercoasters they take me on. I was a little better prepared for it this time because I actually remembered how wildly my moods swung while reading the previous book. Slate wrenched my heart right out of my chest. I couldn’t help but feel for him and his desire to never fall back into his old habits and patterns. Jill is facing her own mountain of obstacles that made my heart hurt for her. Can these two be the support each other needs or will their own demons drive an impossible wedge between them? That was the question that kept me quickly flipping pages in this book. I needed to know if and how they were going to work everything out. And after getting to know more about Luke, I’m desperate to know the rest of his story.I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author.

  18. Mott

    Solid story of people like you and me with problems. Great to see them overcome as they, too, go through life’s struggles. But in the end, they conquer!

  19. Judith Seale

    Slate has a past that is very hard to stay away from. He has to constantly be aware of staying on the right path. Meeting Jill has given him a strong reason to continue on that right path.

  20. Shelley

    I just love this series, this one is about a VERY sweet cowboy who hates Christmas, Slate has to get over his past, as we all do, his haunts him, He seems to enjoy Jill and likes her so much, she is a fun loving sweet girl, with her own set of issues from her past, but mainly she suffers from not feeling good enough. But Slate cannot really give his all to Jill until he faces his demons. The question them becomes, will he? Or will he let Jill go for good? This is a clean book, and I love how Ms. Johnson seems to weave a story that keeps your interest and the characters seem so real. I love that you get a peek into the former character’s lives, but all of these can be read stand alone. I LOVE the relationships and friendships in this series with the men especially, it seems we don’t often get a peek into how the male bond works in most books. I just love this group of men, and each new book the male lead has become my favorite! I am also so happy to read about the main character’s families, as it gives so much context into why they are how they are. Jill’s sister is a BRAT, but one I loved to hate!! Another great book by Elana Johnson!! I would recommend this for SURE!

  21. Donnac

    I really enjoyed reading about Jill and Slate. They make a perfect pair even if he doesn’t believe it yet. This is a super sweet, clean romance.

  22. Jamie Bee

    I love this author’s writing style. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about a story that centered around someone who had been in prison, especially a Christmas book. But I can’t seem to pass up any holiday books when I see them at my favorite book review sites. I am so glad I picked this one up. The author’s writing style is immersive, and she shares what goes on in the minds and hearts of the viewpoint characters. Both halves of the couple were wounded souls, broken in different ways, who found friendship and fellowship with each other. I also really liked the secondary characters. Unusual for a romance, we got to see the strong bonds between the men who had shared time in prison. I liked the way they took care of each other. I found this to be a surprisingly excellent read.I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

  23. Kindle Customer

    I love Christmas and happily ever afters. This story is no exception Jill was so in love with Slate, it looked questionable but worked out.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Another twists on this series of the Mulbury boys novels, in the 4th book. Enjoyed reading all about their adventures in finding love and happiness. Its nice that there are people willing to help men after serving their time in prison. Especially when in for minor mistakes. I realize this may be just fiction, just your writing may just put a spark in someones thoughts or aspirations. Thanks for writing such inspirational stories.

  25. Karen L

    Slate is a recovering drug addict, new to Hope Eternal Ranch to transition from prison to society. Jill is feeling desperate and overwhelmed by her situation when he finds her on the beach screaming. Imagine his surprise when he finds her on the ranch. Slate is struggling to find his next step in this new life opportunity. At least he has his former prison mates to help old him up. A heartwarming book about love and faith. Well written and enjoyable read.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

  26. Kindle Customer

    The most important thing in this novel is all the references to God. The characters also show how problems exist in families in real time. Loved how the relationship developed between Jill and slate and how state’s character changes.

  27. Kindle Customer

    Another visit to Hope Eternal Ranch and the wide range of characters who live or pass through there. Slate Sanders completed his sentence and is working at Hope trying to figure out who he is now that he isn’t a drug addict – what does he want to be and do now that his addiction doesn’t govern him and neither does prison. Love tries to open him up and begins to make changes but fear of returning to the life that nearly destroyed him pushes bad choices ahead of wisdom. A little gritty at times but honest approach to what is a widespread problem – depending on substances to dull the pain of life. Good love story, great dog stories and the incredible value of real strong friendships. An excellent ARC book, I would have paid to read it.

  28. M

    What can I say, each story of this series just gets better and better.I don’t want the Mulberry boys to end. But they must or Nate would have to still be in Prison.I love these characters, all are so well defined. Most are so lovable.Slate and Jill at the top of that list.Slate, as with any inmate, has some “on the outside” issues to deal with. Some outside forces some in his insides. Jill, well living in the shadows of a perfect sister is a tough one. Even if the sister really isn’t all that perfect.The only thing about this story I would have like to see, more about why Jill was broke, lost her friends, left collage and feels like she’s an embarrassment to her parents. (She’s not by the way)I don’t really tell in my reviews the gist of the story as I hate reading the story in a review. I want to read it fresh and exciting.This one is one of my favorite stories written by this author.I know I say that often, but that’s because she out does herself with each new story. (Most of the time)Good clean read, by a Christian author. Not necessarily a Christian read, but most certainly the characters are looking to God for guidance.I know you will enjoy this story and the series

  29. Amazon Customer

    What a loving story. This is a great clean romance with amazing characters. Jill and Slate both have things to work through but with the Lord and good friends they just might make it. Have fun reading.

  30. Linda Knight

    Slate Sanders was a changed man after his time in prison and the Hope Eternal Ranch, where he was released to finish the last few months of his prison sentence. It was the same place some of his friends before him had been released too and still worked. We were introduced to some amazing characters in this story. Several we had met before, but many new ones. One new person was Jill Kyle, whom Slate met one morning down on the beach when she was having a meltdown after her parents had told her and her siblings that her mother had cancer and what the treatment plan contained. After that Slate and Jill started hanging out some until they eventually started seeing each other. This time around more of the extended family for both Slate and Jill were brought into the story to add greater dimension and depth. Slate had a great many unresolved issues in his life making for a very turbulent relationship ride for Jill. It did make for excellent reading as I could not put this book down until I finished it.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  31. C3

    There were a lot of growing pains in this read. It looked like our hero had his life going in the right direction and then…..out if his past evil shows it’s ugly head. There is still hope for him yet. Read to see what happens.

  32. Tina Layner

    I really enjoyed this book. It was humorous, however it was emotional as well.Slate was a criminal who was just released from a correctional center to a ranch to work the rest of his time out. He was addicted to pain pills and whatever he could get off the streets for a fix.Jill worked on the ranch that he was on. She just wanted what every other woman on the ranch had and that was someone to love her.She took a chance on Slate and it did not turn out the way she had hoped.Will they get together or will Slate disappoint her and run?I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  33. Kindle Customer

    **sigh** tis the season for love and cowboys….Hope Eternal Ranch has another love match. Ginger and her friends are still bringing happiness to those around them and in their community.Slate loves Jill but after his past shows up at the ranch, he is determined to get away as far as he can to keep everyone safe. Dive inside as he learns to accept help from those around him ~

  34. Delores Ann Clemons

    Quite simply, this was an excellent source of entertainment. It offers relaxation and is compelling enough to get the reader little time between reading sessions. Above all it is clean!

  35. DGL

    Slate, the reformed addict, and Jill, the extreme extrovert, find each other and love amidst family drama and a past that won’t disappear. Five stars

  36. MarJ

    I really enjoyed reading this book.Can’t wait to read the next one. i Love these books .The stories are good

  37. Kindle Customer

    One thing that Ms Johnson could have added was that God does not give us a spirit of fear. That being said, this was a cute romance, with both characters having their own issues. I’m glad they fixed them.

  38. LCsigns4u

    I love Slate and Jill’s story. Of course, all of these stories have been great. Slate is one of my favorites. He is so willing to sit back and let things happen the way they should and he is so loyal to his friend. I want to meet Slate.

  39. CathyLynn

    This is just a wonderful insperational holiday read. The characters are Slate who is recently released from prison and is working on a ranch. We have Jill who works on the same ranch. One day Slate see Jill and thinks she is going to hurt herself, later to find out that she received some news about her mother and her health. They start a friendship that grows. They both have things that they need to come to terms with. Can these two heal and find a way forward with theirs lives? This was a great book and great characters. This is not my usual story but it was well worth reading.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  40. Kb2007

    Both Slate and Jill have stories of their life to tell each other and they come out one by one. The surprises never end and the road isn’t always smooth sailing but sometimes it takes a bit of time for things to come together in “their own time”. This book was well written and contributes well to this great series. Each one builds on another but are independent of each other, too. Put this series on your reading list! You won’t be disappointed!

  41. Kathleen Bulfon

    Charming, beautifully written, and hopelessly romantic. Isnt it just so great when you find one of those books that completely drags you in, makes you fall in love with the characters, and demands that you sit on the edge of your seat for every nail-biting moment of it? This is one of those books for me. Read this series. You won’t be disappointed.

  42. Brenda

    I have enjoyed revisiting the ranch and the characters.It was great to see everyone and see how there lives are going. Now on to Luck and Hanna’s story

  43. Sour

    I can’t put into words why I loved this book so much. The characters are excellent, well written, warm, wanting to be better people. The supporting cast is amazing and so is the community setting. A sweet clean romance, I couldn’t put down.

  44. M4G8

    Slate and Jill are just a wonderful couple with so much to learn from each other. Slate has a very dark past and even though he has spent 4 years trying to change himself and make sure he isn’t that man anymore he is still afraid. Jill has a lot of turmoil in her life and she is trying to hold her head up and navigate past mistakes with what is going on in the here and now. I don’t want to give away the story. This is a well written book with wonderful characters and I love how all the stories before theirs are just as important in this book as the main characters. This is a series and while they can be read as stand alone it is much better if they are read in order. I like this group of characters, they each bring something to the story and are just genuine people. I like that they are hard working people with issues to be worked through. Enjoyed it from beginning to end.

  45. Jennie F

    ARC for honest review with no compensationChristmas Cowboy is book 4 in the Hope Eternal Ranch series by Elana Johnson and am loving this sweet, second chance at life and love series!Up next is Slate Sanders and Jill Kyle. Slate is trying to figure his life after prison and all he’s lost thinking the ranch is just a stop gap. When he sees Jill at the beach he finds she is dealing with some devastating news and wants to help in any way he can…what happens next is…dealing with heartache, forgiveness, accepting the past, finding that with the help of the Lord all things are possible…second chances, happiness and love!

  46. B. Decker

    I read this book straight through! The story of Jill and Slate is a love story with all the emotions. There is friendship, heartache, love eternal, humor and faith. An amazing and inspirational read!I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  47. VVV

    Slate and Jill could not have had a more unusual meet-cute at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico as Slate, a recent ex-con who was working at Hope Eternal Ranch, rescued Jill from the depths of despair and then realized that she was one of the staff members at the ranch. When your life has taken some tough turns, it is easier to understand and befriend someone else who is going through hard times rather than a “perfect” person. I enjoyed their story as they came to understand, support and then love one another. One of my favorite parts of the book is the way that the Mulbury Boys are there for one another, getting into one another’s business out of their deep concern and care for one another. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to you. I was entrusted with a copy of this book by the author and this is my voluntary and honest review.

  48. Michaela

    I loved this installment in the Hope Eternal Ranch saga. All of these books are so great! I love the redemption theme and the relies of these characters. Plus, seeing previous characters in the series is always great – it’s one big family. I loved the family and Christmas emphasis. There were a few ironic and humorous moments. Lots of sweetness. I wish I could grab the next book!I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  49. AK

    I received an ARC copy and was happy to read it. This author just doesn’t disappoint. Her warming family settings and relationships always bring the story to a good close. I do love a romance and this one will be one of my favorite Holiday reads from now on.Don’t miss the rest of the books in the series, each one brings a different perspective to the men that are linked throughout the series.

  50. Kumotteiru

    It is Thanksgiving when the book starts. Slate has come to join Hope Eternal in the summer, after he had done all of his time. He likes being with his friends, but as he went to prison at 24, and full of drugs, he did not have much experience to have a normal relationship with others. So he avoids most of the people working there, just trying to do one day at a time. When he flees the festivities he meets Jill, another member of Hope Eternal. She had just heard that her mother was terminally ill and to make things worse – her car did not work. This starts the friendship between them and a slow–burn attraction. Both with baggage slowly find their way not only towards each other, but also a way to heal.A nice story – a little heavy at times due to the topics, but all in all engaging and entertaining to read.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  51. Kindle Customer Violet

    Yet another really good story .I had a hard time putting it down. Can’t wait to read the next one .

  52. Alice Shepherd

    Jill has just learned her mother has cancer. She is not dealing with it very well. She gets out of her vehicle and has a scream fest with God. Slate happens upon her and helps her to quell her feelings.They become friends and finally decide to confide in each other about their past lives. Slate is at the ranch as a half-way out of prison deal. Jill works and lives at the ranch. Can they get past their hurts and bad habits from the past? Can they deal with the people in their lives from the past?Great series

  53. Romantic@Heart

    I have been so entertained by this series and this episode is no exception. I am looking forward to the next release though I’m going to be a little disappointed that the series may be endingI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  54. BradTL3

    I was hooked from beginning to end. A sweet, christian journey about two broken & insecure people trying to overcome their pasts. This is a story filled with friendship, family, healing and love. This is book #4 in the Hope Eternal Ranch series. The series is so amazing you never want it to end! Read it! You will not be disappointed! I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  55. Becky Nokes

    Slate and Jill have a great story. I love that he loved her enough to protect her even at his sacrifice.

  56. MaryEllen

    This is my voluntary review of a copy I received from the author.This cowboy is incredibly insecure, but so sensitive to the feelings and needs of those around him. And he’s so smart and so brave. As fearful as he is, he does the scary thing to protect those he loves.

  57. G.G.

    I have enjoyed each story in this series centering around Hope Eternal Ranch and the lives that are transformed and healed there. When Slate arrives from prison, he is happy to join his friends Nate, Ted, Luke, and Dallas–all who met and grew a strong bond in prison. He keeps his head down and does his job while trying to figure out who he is and what he’s supposed to be doing with the rest of his life. Slate is a recovering addict who also hates Christmas and one day meets Jill (a ranch employee) at the beach as she is dealing with her mother’s cancer. He sees a woman in need and comes to her rescue. I love their relationship of helping each other as they dealing with past hurts. As Slate tries to decide where his future leads, will he stay at the ranch with Jill? And what about the plans he’s made with Luke? I love how this story interweaves the lives of past stories and characters in this series and evolves around the theme of second chances. Christmas Cowboy is a wonderful clean romance, suitable to read any time of year! I received a complimentary ARC of this book and have voluntarily given my honest opinion in this review.

  58. Trudy E. Dapprich

    Slate is happy at Hope Eternal Ranch, but his friend Luke wants to finish his reentry program and see the world. Slate falls in love with Jill, the beekeeper; so he doesn’t want to explore anywhere else. Unfortunately, his drug dealer comes to the ranch; so Slate runs away with Luke. Jill is heartbroken, and Slate is miserable without her. Slate decides to face his past; and prove that he will not turn back into that man. Love this series about recovering from past mistake and making a beautiful future.

  59. buzymomof2

    What a wonderful series and Christmas Cowboy is a great addition to this series. The story line is amazing, heartwarming, endearing and so well written. The characters are realistic, easy to relate to and feel like family. A wonderful holiday romance you don’t want to miss.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  60. KRP

    Slate got out of prison and came to Hope Eternal Ranch to try to transition back into the world where a few of the other people he had spent time with in prison too. It was a great environment and everyone there got along with no judgement toward each other. Jill lived at Hope Eternal Ranch too because she had no where to go when she came back home from leaving college with massive debt that she was trying very hard to pay off. She loved it here and when Slate showed up he immediately caught her eye but she knew he was different. Slate saw Jill too but knew he just wasn’t good enough for her or was he, could he put all of his demons to rest and finally get on with his life and would she be the final person to help him get to his happily ever after?

  61. E. Littke

    Slate and Jill provide needed support for each other. They learn and grow together with a few mistakes along the way. I liked the ranch and the kids and dogs. I am glad there are places that give someone a second chance. I liked the pacing.

  62. Rosalie

    I to am happy Slate and Jill found each other and their love was strong enough to battle Slates demons

  63. Trixie

    What a great book. The families are so real with what they go through. Slate and Jill were so much fun. Good clean romance.

  64. Jennie Pendergast

    Loved being with the Mulbury boys again. Slate and Jill story was special. Slate had a background that needed to be dealt with.Jill became his anchor. Even though he had to deal with his past to come back to her. He had a great group of guys to help him along the way. Jill had a great girlfriends and parents to encourage her too. Looking forward to reading the last in the series.

  65. Katie

    I love this author’s ability to write complex and flawed characters. I so enjoyed this couple’s journey to happiness after all the heartache they had each been through. A wonderful and charming story!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  66. lavendarma

    I loved this book just like I did the others in the series! The story reminds us that we can overcome obstacles in order to reach our goals. And that we all make mistakes but with the Lord’s help we can succeed. I loved the main characters, and also getting to follow people from previous books. Great job, Elana!

  67. JLH

    Slate and Jill meet at the Hope Eternal Ranch, where a group of male inmates formed a bond and decided to work together to build something on their terms. Jill is dealing with the cancer that is taking her mom and a bratty sister that has caused her grief her whole life. The two main characters are determined to turn their lives around, but there are many twists and turns here that threaten them both. Helping each other through their pain will bond them to their souls. Great book for a superb series.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  68. Linda A W

    This is such an awesome book and series! I loved Slate and Jill’s story! I highly recommend this book and series!

  69. Diane

    This is another book about second chances. Slate’s college addiction to pain killers leads him to Federal Prison after errors at his banking job. When he is released he heads to Hope Eternal Ranch for a job with the friends he made in prison. There he meets and falls in love with Jill who is dealing with paying back debts from college and her mother’s cancer diagnosis. Both have family issues that have to be resolved and Slate has to realize that he is no longer the same person that was a junkie. All the characters in this series are more mature and they have flaws that they are working through while seeking God’s help. I like being able to catch up on the characters from the other books and see how they are growing. You will love this new romance by Elana Johnson.

  70. Sandy H

    I had an Advance Readers Copy of this book, but this is my voluntary and honest opinion. I really enjoyed reading this new book by Elana Johnson. This series features ex-cons and their re-entry into society via Hope Eternal Ranch. In this book, the Slate works through his past failures and concerns to learn to live his new life while his new Love, Jill deals with her mother’s cancer. The problems addressed are real and varied and add to the interest and the plot.

  71. Sisty Uglers

    Needed a Christmas romance and this was perfect. Lots going on in this story, but so easy and comfortable to get lost in. Great characters you can relate with or know someone like them. Full descriptions, so easy to imagine what you are reading about. Its a good read and brought some Christmas back to me.

  72. J Archibald

    As Slate tries to figure out who he is and what to do with himself, he becomes attracted to Jill. Jill has her own set of problems and insecurities.I loved reading about how they found themselves and each other.

  73. Beve Warren

    This is book four in the A Mulbury Boys Novel (Hope Eternal Ranch Romance) series by Elana Johnson. This book involves a cowboy looking for a second chance on love and life. I love everything about this series! Each book can be read as a stand alone, but you will fall in love with series that you will definitely want to read them from the beginning. The characters will draw you into the story and have you glued to the pages until the very end. I highly recommend this series!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  74. ropinmom

    Another amazing addition to a tremendous series! Second chances are found at Hope Eternal Ranch with Slate and Jill being no exception! Read the entire series, starting with book 1…don’t deprive yourself of the enjoyment by starting anywhere else…you won’t regret it! Highly Recommend!!

  75. TLynn

    Christmas Cowboy is the fourth book in the Hope Eternal Ranch. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the series is so good. The book is better if you have read the previous books because you know all the history of all the side characters. I feel in love with this series when I read the first book. They are all clean Christian romances and are based on a group of men that formed strong friendships while in prison. They all go to work at Hope Eternal Ranch looking to find themselves and the future once they are released. The men’s bond is strong and their willingness to help each other is wonderful. This book was fast-paced and grabbed my attention right away. The characters were heartwarming and perfect for each other. The author has a way of writing that makes the reader feel like they are part of the story and experiencing all the emotions. Slate Sanders had been out of prison for a few months and was working at the ranch. He wasn’t sure what his future held but he thought it would not be at the ranch. He was helping to build more cabins on the ranch and keeping to himself. While out driving one day he ran into Jill Kyle who worked on the ranch. Finding her on the beach when she was upset, he took her home to the ranch. Slate little experience with women but his connection to Jill was strong. Jill had just discovered her mother had cancer and she was upset. She never committed to long relationships but her connection to Slate was so strong that she wanted to commit. Just as their relationship starts to grow Slate’s past comes to find him. Can their relationship withstand Slate’s past?I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  76. Bookfiend

    Slate comes to Hope Eternal Ranch after prison to find himself. He feels unworthy of anything good and just wants to reconnect with society and find his way. Little did he know that his way would lead him to Jill another soul looking to heal from jer past. They connect on so many levels but will they allow their hearts to connect and see that they are for each other? I could not put this book down. You will get swept away with the story of Slate and Jill.I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  77. MJ

    A heartwarming series. I really enjoyed every story. I loved Slate and Jill’s story and catching up with characters from previous books. It captivated me from the beginning. I anxiously await the next book. 

  78. Kindle Customer

    Wow another great story of how you can always change your life with prayers. Second chances at finding the hea.

  79. Ashton01

    What an amazing story! I love to getting to know Slate and Jill. One of my favorite parts of this book is the fact that you get to see characters from other stories in this series!Slate and Jill both came into the relationship with a bunch of baggage, and we got to see them work through that to be able to love. Another great addition to the series!

  80. Kindle Customer

    Special series I don’t want to see it end. All the characters have been so interesting and enjoyable . The stories keep you interested and wanting more. Already started Wishful cowboy – – yea!

  81. Carol A. Gates

    Slate Sanders, former drug addict and convict, gets a second chance at life on Hope Eternal Ranch. Jill Kyle, the ranch beekeeper, struggles to keep her faith after her Mom’s cancer diagnosis. As they become closer and as Slate’s past comes back to haunt him, he makes a decision to protect his loved ones. But things don’t quite pan out as planned. Miserable and filled with regrets, he then battles to face his personal demons head-on in the inspiring conclusion.

  82. jcrew

    very realistic story, I loved it!

  83. Kindle Customer

    This story is about a cowboy who served prison time with crew and found his true love and the family he thought he didn’t deserve

  84. BluegrassBoy

    Trying to get his life in order after getting released from prison Slate struggles with his affection for Jill. You get a real feel for what it’s like after being released into the real world and battling all the temptations from the past. Loved this story especially how it ended.

  85. Michal

    Finding healing and love after a painful past… check out this next book in the series… you’ll love it too!!!

  86. Jeanne Richardson

    I’ve read several books written by Elana Johnson; she has done a great job at writing a good book; she is becoming one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait to read more of books her books.The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.I loved the characters.I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

  87. David Vozenilek

    Loved the setting and the characters! I could visualize the ranch and the people. I enjoyed the fact that the characters were “real” not just the beauty and the hunk. And the families depicted were just your normal every day families with their normal family quirks! Review by Patti V

  88. Patricia Collins

    The more I read this series, the more I want it not to end. And this one was so romantic but heartbreaking at the same time.

  89. Kindle Customer

    All of the previous stories have been great and this one did not disappoint. I highly recommend this series and looking forward to the last book.

  90. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Couldn’t put it down.

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