Claiming the Cowboy – Audiobook

Claiming the Cowboy – Audiobook

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A cowboy with a chip on his shoulder, a farrier who’s got no roots, and their second chance at making a life together…

Can she put down roots in Grape Seed Falls and find room for Shane in her tiny house? And will he take a chance on her with his tired heart?

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by Caroline McLaughlin, today!

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $7.99.
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Unwilling to be tied down, farrier Robin Cook has managed to pack her entire life into a two-hundred-and-eighty square-foot house, and that includes her Yorkie. Now, if things get too hard, she can pack up and get out of town in under an hour, and that’s just the life she thinks she wants.

No roots. No commitments. No relationships.

Cowboy and co-foreman at Grape Seed Ranch, Shane Royal, has had his heart set on Robin for three years, even though she flat-out turned him down the last time he asked her to dinner. But she’s back at Grape Seed Ranch for five weeks as she works her horseshoeing magic, and he’s still interested in her, despite a bitter life lesson that left a bad taste for marriage in his mouth.

Robin’s attracted to him too.

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