Book 3: Crash – eBook

Book 3: Crash – eBook


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There’s nothing more dangerous than a bad boy with secrets… Will he risk his heart, stick to his club’s motto, and help her brother before it’s too late? Or will the secrets he’s been keeping ruin everything?

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Lucas “House” Miner loves his new life. He’s got a new job as a security guard at the hospital, which fits his personality great. No one messes with the big dude with big muscles and a big beard.

Except for the petite blonde woman he can’t get out of his head.

But Julie Paige is the little sister of the guy who tormented Lucas in high school. And Lawrence Paige has also gone missing.

When he shows up on Julie’s doorstep while Lucas is there, neither of them are happy. Lucas has a past he hasn’t told Julie yet, and that includes a lot about his Motorcycle Club, the Sentinels.

And when the rival club shows up in Forbidden Lake, and they know Lawrence and threaten Julie… The turf war that Lucas thought had died down rages right back to life. Not only that, but now Lucas has the pesky problem of sticking to his club’s motto of helping those who can’t help themselves, even if it is someone who made his teenage years a living nightmare.

He’ll have to decide how much to tell Julie, and when, about his past in order to keep her safe now. Maybe a relationship with her is too hard.

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