Cross Cowboy – Audiobook

Cross Cowboy – Audiobook


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He’s been accused of being far too blunt. Like that time he accused her of stealing her company from her best friend… Can Travis and Shayla overcome their differences and find a happily-ever-after together?

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Travis Cooper is the youngest son in a family stuffed with loud opinions and ginger-haired powerhouses. Yes, he has a loud bark too. He has to in order to get the ten thousand dairy cows he’s responsible for to listen to him.

But when he happens upon Shayla Nelson stranded on the side of the road, he probably doesn’t need to tell her A – that he used to date her best friend, and B – that Shayla stole her successful outdoor outfitters company from that best friend.

Besides the fact that it’s not true, Travis should know better. And he does, honestly. He was just flustered that his most recent girlfriend had broken up with him only the day before.

Shayla not only didn’t steal the company from her former best friend, she’s worked hard to mend the bridges between her and everyone that had gotten hurt in that tangled mess. When she runs into Travis again a few months later, there’s still plenty of sparks flying between them.

This time, though, it’s the romantic kind and not the accusatory type. When he asks her to be his date to the annual Fall Ball in Sweet Water Falls, Shayla finds herself wanting to say yes to the handsome cowboy.

He’s never had a relationship for longer than a couple of months. She won’t be able to put up with his attitude for long, but can Shayla tame the cross cowboy and capture his heart, or will she have to cut Travis loose the way every other woman has?

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