Grape Seed Falls Romance Boxed Set (1-7) – eBook

Grape Seed Falls Romance Boxed Set (1-7) – eBook

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Seven cowboys, from billionaires to brothers, and the women who tame their hearts and make romance happen in the Texas Hill Country… The complete 7-book Grape Seed Falls Romance Series in one boxed set!

Fall for a cowboy – or SEVEN! – in this inspirational western romance collection! Discover the Texas Hill Country in a series that spans generations, and includes older brother’s best friend romance, second chance romance, and seasoned romance from Liz Isaacson, a USA Today bestselling author and Top 50 most-read authors in Kindle Unlimited.

Over 7500 reviews on the individual books!

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Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $17.99.
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Book 1: Choosing the Cowboy: Maggie Duffin is all set to inherit her father’s farm supply store in Amarillo, Texas. With only girls in her family, and Heidi now married and living at Three Rivers Ranch, she feels a sense of duty and family loyalty. Which is honorable—if it wasn’t for her boyfriend, cowboy Chase Carver. So he sets out on a quest to find his own ranch. But with financial trouble and personal issues around every corner, both Maggie and Chase will have to rely on their faith to find their happily-ever-after.

Book 2: Craving the Cowboy: A ranch owner in Texas Hill Country, a horse trainer, and a romance for the ages…

Book 3: Charming the Cowboy: A cowboy billionaire bachelor, the woman who’s been crushing on him, and a fateful accident at his boarding stable…

Book 4: Courting the Cowboy: A restaurant heiress, a dating app, and the cowboy just down the street she’s sworn off…

Book 5: Claiming the Cowboy: A cowboy with a chip on his shoulder, a farrier who’s got no roots, and their second chance at making a life together…

Book 6: Catching the Cowboy: A cowboy who can’t get off the ranch to meet anyone, a stylist who hasn’t been on a second date in a year, and the relationship that starts when they’re stranded in a cabin together…

Book 7: Cheering the Cowboy: A cowboy with anger management issues, the woman whose ranch he “stole,” and their chance to get everything they want for Christmas…including each other.

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39 reviews for Grape Seed Falls Romance Boxed Set (1-7) – eBook

  1. Kindle Customer

    Wow is all I can think to say about these books. All five stars to me. Can’t wait to start another of her books. If you want great reading Liz is the author for you.

  2. Kindle Customer

    I loved this boxset. Really enjoyed all the characters . Great Author. Love their stories. Love the romance and how each character came to be.

  3. Margaret Roemer

    I thoroughly enjoyed the family in these books. The Christian attitude and love made me read from beginning to end. Will definitely read more by this author!

  4. STJ

    I enjoy every book in this collection. Dylan and Hazel’s story might be my favorite but I think it is a toss up between the Royal brothers. The whole series is fun and a learning experience in each story.

  5. Judy

    The Royal brothers come from a family of love, heart break after their father betrayed his wife, their mother, by having an affair while putting their ranch into insurmountable debt. Then just walks away leaving the wife and 3 sons to pick up the pieces. They each tell their story in search for a new life and love.

  6. Sue Grosz

    Seven stories of families and friends built over a lifetime intertwined with life issues of beginning of relationship, New and extended and extending family focusing on ranch life. Faith based great reading with emphasis on family values and integrity.

  7. pam brown

    I loved revisiting this series. I loved each and every book. The families, the ranches and their stories. Such awesome books.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Another great series by Liz Isaacson. Really enjoy reading how each individual finds love and the struggles that they go through along the way.

  9. Kindle CustomerWestchester

    The author helped the reader understand various aspects of running a ranch. Plus the reader gets an understanding of family dynamics .

  10. Marcia L Simpson

    This series is so good! I wish there was more books. I want to know what happens next in all the characters lives. Liz Isaacson is a great writer. You should read her books and especially this seris

  11. M

    This was a very enjoyable read. Liz has a way of telling a story that is real and romantic. With all the ups and downs of a real relationship.Christian based stories, but not bible thumping. A safe read for any age.

  12. MamaOsita

    With a leap of faith Chase and Maggie built a legacy in Grape Seed Falls. Each story tells of life’s ups and downs, but never forgets Gods is in ALL the details. From the owners son to several ranch hands, every story deserves to be told and every heart deserves to be healed.

  13. Diana Jansen

    Great series

  14. peggy

    Great cowboy series

  15. Amazon Customer

    Great reading each story. Such wonderful characters each with their own story. Finding love, working on a ranch, finding that place called home. All with the struggles of day to day living and surviving the hard work from sun up to sun down. Having a relationship with God and allowing Him to bring you peace.

  16. Phyl

    This series is full of the ups and downs of falling in love. If you enjoy entertaining characters, interesting story lines, along with faith based values then this is a series for you! Thank you Liz for giving your readers enjoyable reading!

  17. C Koncaba

    I enjoyed reading your books . They are good, clean books my grand children could read. One tip though; y’all is plural. If we are speaking to ONE person “do you want some coffee?” If more than one person it’s “do y’all want some coffee? ” FYI from a native Texan.

  18. Grandot

    Totally enjoyed this collection! Each cowboy has a unique story woven around their life. As the reader learns the issues each person is struggling with, you are drawn into feeling like ‘one of his or her friends’ and begin to worry, cry, laugh and rejoice with each person. The author keeps it realistic while packing a lot into a fairly short and interesting slice of life story. Appreciate it is clean, wholesome entertaining reading.

  19. D Fraser

    I loved getting to know the new “family” if Grape Seed Falls. I was a little confused with the first book about how it all began but once I realized how that book started it all I understood.The only negative I have for the whole series is the demise of “Misfit.” Having a Yorkie myself I know they will not “let you forget them.” Their yapping would have been heard on the next ranch.I love the way Liz writes her books with a look back on her characters from previous book. An amazing Christian writer with real stories and deep characters.

  20. SueSue


  21. Sunkissed

    I absolutely positively love this book series! It had me go from laughing to crying and I just wanted more. A Must Read‼️I rate it 5⭐️’s ~ this author is the Bomb❣️

  22. K. Swinton

    So much fun to watch how this series unfolds, meet all the characters, see how they interconnect, and of course watch cowboys fall in love with their counterparts as they overcome both internal and external struggles.

  23. sammie jo

    Loved all seven books. Family values are so important. This family was so special. Great the way they all communicated with each other. And showed love for everyone. Shane, Dylan and Austin had to deal with many different problems and managed to come out wonderful.

  24. Kindle Customer

    I really like Ms Isaacson’s books and collections. Her blend of clean romance and faith is awesome. Although she lives in Utah, she describes Texas quite well.

  25. Kindle Customer

    Loved this series, I love books that continue the story of the characters. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves clean Christian romance.

  26. Mary R. Riggins


  27. Kath68144

    The complete boxed set of the Grape Seed Falls cowboys and the forces.behind each, is something not to miss! Highly recommend!

  28. Kindle Customer

    I am never disappointed when I read one of.this author ‘s books and series are the best. I’m always looking forward to seeing and reading another of her books. Please keep up the great work.

  29. C.L.

    Enjoyed the fact that the books in this series covered different families but connected them all together. It was a fun read.

  30. Michaela

    Craving:I loved this book. The beginning of a new family and ranch and town. I mean, I read their parent’s novella first, but there’s just something about the interconnectedness of the younger generation getting their romances along a line and featuring in each other’s stories. I really enjoyed this one.Charming:I really enjoyed this romance. It was fast and slow all at the same time. There was so much emotions and passion and pains. It was a wonderful and engaging read. I couldn’t put it down!Courting:I really enjoyed these characters – we’ve seen them a bit before. It was cool to see opposites work together. The cooking angle was fun to see. It was a good segue transition book from the Carvers to the Royals. I’m excited to see what’s next for this ranch.Claiming:I loved this first Royal Bros romance. It was great to see so much of Grape Seed and also get to touch base with Three Rivers. I enjoyed the long standing connection between our mains. Our hero had daddy issues and anger to work out and our heroine had to figure out if she could put down roots somewhere. I can’t wait to read more!Catching:I loved this book! So much happened and I’m super pumped for Austin’s story! I liked these characters and how they took stock of their lives. It was great to watch them grow and branch out.Cheering:A good ending to this series in Grape Seed. I enjoyed the characters and their growth and seeing all of the recurring ones we’ve come to love. I liked the back and forth of this story and the anger theme. There is definitely some good advice within these pages.Choosing:This is book 7 of the series, but I’m reading it first, because, hello! Parents before children, lol. I really enjoyed this novella to give a glimpse at the hurdles these two overcame to settle together.

  31. Kindle Customer

    I was so hooked from the 1st book! I loved all the characters and their stories. I totally revamped these books!!!!

  32. Mary

    Reading this series for the second time, last time I read each book as they were released and it’s hard to remember all the details but reading as a complete collection was wonderful. If you loved each of the seven books you will love this collection.

  33. Vessel

    This is a good-to-read series that could be read as stand-alones if desired. I am glad I was able to read the box set as I enjoyed reading more about characters from earlier books in the series.Grape Seed Falls sounds like a place I would love to visit! Being there with the books’ characters, although impossible, would feel like being part of the family. Next best? Reading this series.

  34. Kindle Customer

    I enjoyed Grape Seed Falls….each couple’s story was sweet and real. The author took us through every emotion and showed that with prayer and God’s guidance we can overcome obstacles. I look forward to reading more from Liz Isaacson.

  35. Kindle Customer

    Each book in this series is awesome! I loved them all! Thanks Liz for always making me feel good with your books!

  36. Kindle WJB

    I like books with a happy ending. I also enjoyed reading the struggles that were faced in each story. Life is not all happiness all the time.

  37. MarthaSue

    Amazing stories told about families., and friends who trusted God and each other to find happiness, forgiveness, and love. I enjoyed each book in the series. You will too

  38. Luvs2Read2

    Grape Seed Falls is an amazing collection of stories, which every reader will love! Thanks to such a great author!

  39. love s to read

    I loved the stories of people in the Grape seed falls series. And I enjoyed the stories of the royal brothers Shane ,Dylan and Austin as they find their women who will share their futures with.

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