Book 2: Grumpy Cowboy – Audiobook

Book 2: Grumpy Cowboy – Audiobook


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He can find the negative in any situation. Like that time he got upset with the woman who brought him a free chocolate-and-caramel-covered apple because it had melted in his truck… Can William and Gretchen start over and make a healthy relationship after it’s started to wilt?

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William Cooper doesn’t mean to see red the moment things start to go bad. It’s the red hair, he swears. And the fact that his attention is pulled in a dozen directions, every day, all day. He just needs a break – and when he finally gets one, he almost sits in melted caramel and chocolate. Anyone would be upset by that, right? Maybe not everyone would then gripe about it right in front of the woman passing out the free apples. That just makes Will the wicked warlock of the West. When he goes to apologize to Gretchen Bellows, a premier chocolatier in Sweet Water Falls, he’s struck by her beauty and kindness. Yes, she overheard him, but she appreciates his humility, and when he asks her to dinner…she surprises everyone and says yes.

Gretchen has more than enough on her plate, from an ailing father, a sister going through a divorce, and a busy business to run. But as she carves more and more time into her life for Will, she starts to realize what a good heart he has. It’s just buried beneath that somewhat forked tongue. When her chocolate shop catches fire, Will’s right there to help…but also to criticize the clean-up. He’s quick to realize what he’s doing and try to fix it, but can Gretchen put up with his grumpy attitude, or will she have to admit that their relationship has gone stale?

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