Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend – Audiobook

Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend – Audiobook

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A cowboy returning to his hometown—and the best friend he left a dozen years before. This Christmas, can Graham and Laney build a family and find their happily-ever-after?

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by award-winning voice actor Alan Taylor, today!

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Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $0.00.
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Graham Whittaker returns to Coral Canyon a few days after Christmas—after the death of his father. He’s just found out his long-time girlfriend in Seattle has been cheating on him, and while Coral Canyon isn’t his first choice of where to live, it’s certainly the friendliest. He takes over the energy company his dad built from the ground up and buys a high-end lodge to live in—only a mile from the home of his once-best friend, Laney McAllister.

Laney returned to her family ranch after college, but her husband left Laney and their daughter, Bailey, to work the ranch themselves, which they’ve been trying to do. But with her furnace on the brink of failure and the snow falling faster than ever, Laney agrees to bring Bailey up to Graham’s lodge for the holidays.

They were best friends once, but Laney’s always entertained feelings for him, and spending so much time with him while they make Christmas memories puts her heart in danger of getting broken again.

Can they take their friendship to the next level and build a family? Or will Laney be risking her heart only to remain in the friend zone?

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75 reviews for Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend – Audiobook

  1. Busybeth72

    Graham has moved back to Coral Canyon after his father’s death. He reunites with Laney, his best friend from his youth. She’s a divorced single mom struggling to keep her family’s cattle ranch afloat. He’s inherited the family business and bought a lodge next door to Laney. They’re both stubborn and independant, Mature adults, they are use to making their own decisions and not relying on others. They both have to reevaluate their attitudes when they are trying to become a couple None more than Graham. The story is engaging, touching and loving Even with a few glitches along the way, it’s reassuring to see the adaptions made for Laney and Graham to get their happy ending.

  2. CINDY F.

    I loved the fact that these two had been best friends for years, before their relationship became more. Laney was a strong woman with many admirable qualities of her own, but there’s no shame in asking for help. That and the lack of communication- which they were both guilty of- would have save them both from a lot less heartache. Graham was so into his work that he left little time for anything or anyone else. I am so glad he finally wised up, even if it took harsh words from Laney to get him to change his ways. Bailey was so adorable, and I can’t wait to see what the new baby will be.I am disappointed that the story line surrounding Mike was suddenly dropped. I want to know what he was up to, or where he went. So many unanswered questions were left hanging about that whole situation. Why even put it in, if you’re not going to follow through with that part of the story line?

  3. Glynn Young

    In “Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend” by Liz Isaacson, the protagonists have known each other since they were children. Graham Whittaker has returned to Whiskey Mountain Lodge in his native Wyoming, to run his recently deceased father’s energy company. He had been working in a technology startup in Seattle, thoroughly enjoying his life there.His best childhood friend is Laney McAlister, divorced and raising a daughter on her own. She lives on the property next door (“next door” being a relative term in Wyoming), struggling to make a go pf her ranch. Her heart was broken when Graham left for Seattle, and now he’s back. Everyone around them will see what they at first don’t – they’re falling for each other. It’s an “old friends, new love” kind of story

  4. LelaSue

    Imagine being in love with your best friend in high school, losing touch, and then meeting back up years later just to find you still have feelings for them. That’s pretty much what happens with Laney and Graham (among a lot of other things because of course I’m not going to tell you the whole story!!).Loved this book and it’s a perfect first book to the series.

  5. Takeyabue

    Graham was forced to leave his chosen career and take control and management of the family’s energy business by the untimely death of his father. Laney struggles to keep his family’s afloat in tough economic times and the failure of her marriage. Friends, or perhaps even more, in high school they now find themselves neighbors many years later and slowly learn to interact with each other and, at the same time, how to let go of some things in order to have the time to concentrate on those that matter the most. A well crafted story with a bonus of Christmas themes.

  6. Mari

    Oh, I liked this one very much! It was just an all around nice story. There were several times when a moment of misunderstanding or potential conflict arrived, a time where in other books the situation would be blown totally it of proportion, not this book. I absolutely loved when the man said to himself, “or I could act like an adult and just go talk to her.” People, I tell you, I cheered. I did. So many times when I read a book I have to roll my eyes at the poor choices characters make, their blatant lack of communication.These characters talked to each other about their problems. They set expectations for their relationship, they followed through and acted like the best friends they processed themselves to be. I can’t like that enough. Fantastic.

  7. Kindle Customer

    She’d thought that her husband had the same plan, to eventually return to her hometown and take up ranching. Only when he left her did she realize she’d been wrong. Now she’s back home in the small ranch, full of knowledge from her youth and with her 6 year old to keep her company. If only her high school best friend wasn’t her neighbor, a city boy who has no problem requesting, or demanding in her ears, her help on his family ranch.Great story very well told. I highly recommend it.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Graham and Laney have been friends since childhood. Yet they haven’t been in touch since he left for college almost 22 years ago. Graham has moved back to run his father’s company. Laney is divorced with a 6 year old daughter and Graham is recovering from a breakup with his cheating girlfriend. Can they rekindle their friendship or something more intimate?

  9. CarterandConnersMom

    I believe good, solid relations begin with friendship and this story is a beautiful, realistic example of it. Laney and Graham experience some growing pains and misunderstandings, but love always wins.

  10. Vibliophile

    Graham is struggling in the aftermath of his father’s death as well as other personal problems, and Laney is feeling overwhelmed by her single mom situation & fighting bitterness along with an increasing temptation to despair.The story’s pace felt real & the developing relationship between them realistic, though their friendship didn’t seem like former besties. That realism did lead to the story feeling a little slow at timesThe main characters are well developed & believable. Graham clearly has an “engineer’s brain” which tends to be very efficient – point A to point B – but also tends to get overly absorbed in its own thoughts, and can frequently be oblivious to the obvious, as well as bad at normal communication & social interactions.Laney was a strong woman with many admirable qualities of her own, but I do get frustrated with characters of the “too independent to ask for or accept help” trope, especially when there’s a child involved.Which means Laney has communication issues of her own & they both have too much pride, but I liked that they learned to put it aside & put “people before things”.I have to agree with other reviewers that leaving Mike’s storyline unresolved was odd, & there were a few minor issues but overall the story was believable. I liked when Laney told off Graham that she & Bailey deserved to be 1st & wouldn’t settle for less – that’s real love – and that Graham was willing to do what he needed to to show Laney how much he loved her.*Clean romance level: sweet kisses*Religion: generically Christian, some occasional brief prayers to God for help, but nothing preachy

  11. Nancy S

    Laney and Graham were very realistic characters. I liked this story and will recommend it to anyone who listens. I think this was a wonderful story with a lodge I would love to see!

  12. Silver Sguirel

    It,s hard to go from best friend buddy to being in love with the guy The old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is true in this case.

  13. Kindle Customer

    Good read. Best friends during high school went their separate ways. Graham returns to find Laney divorced and mom to a six year old. They marry and live happily ever after. Same plot as many books.

  14. gorgeousgranny

    I absolutely loved the fact that this book did not beat around the bush. Graham and Laney actually spoke what was on their minds.They communicated with each other, about their likes and dislikes. I get so tired of stories where the couples love each other, but are misunderstood because of lack of communication. I loved the story line. An interesting clean Christian romance.

  15. Becky

    Very good book. I would recommend this book to everyone. Very good story line. The story line was slow which made it hard to keep up with.

  16. The Voracious Reader

    The guy on the cover doesn’t look anywhere near forty years old like Graham was in the book. The story dragged too much with not enough happening beyond ordinary, daily life. It was all about their relationship which stayed rocky most of the time. There were also quite a few misused words. I didn’t dislike the story, but it could have been better with just a little tweaking.

  17. Shelley Smith

    I enjoyed this book! Very sweet with a HEA.The characters are likeable and real. Very well written. Highly recommend.

  18. Jennie Pendergast

    Enjoyed reading a new author . Laney and Graham story was a fun story. Graham became her knight during the Christmas season. Both had things they needed to work on. But they both worked through them. Looking forward to the love stories for Eli Andrew and Beau. Will read more by this author.

  19. Mikey man ????

    I read this because I could not find anything else to read. This is NOT my normal style of book to read. I am a war book reader.

  20. Pamela D

    I tend to shy away from books with Millionaire/Billionaire in the title. I’m not sure why, except that the one book I tried reading (title forgotten) was so contrived, I couldn’t finish it. But this is a Liz Isaacson book and I’ve never gone wrong with one of her books, so I decided to give it a try. Plus it was free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited so nothing to lose.I am so glad I picked it up. In fact, after I finished it, I paid for the rest of the series. (I tend to do that – get the book on Kindle Unlimited and if I like it, buy it and any sequels.)Graham Whittaker’s father recently died, and Graham has been tasked with the role of CEO of the family’s energy company in Wyoming. He has left his high-tech job Seattle, along with the memory of his cheating girlfriend, and come home to Coral Canyon, his new job, and his new home, the former bed and breakfast, Whiskey Mountain Lodge.Laney Boyd McAllister and her daughter Bailey are now Graham’s neighbors, but Laney had been Graham’s best friend in high school. This is a romance novel, so you can guess where the relationship is going, but it’s not a trite, straight road. Laney is struggling to keep her family’s ranch afloat. Graham is willing to help her but she’s a proud Boyd and isn’t going to give up.As usual with books by Liz Isaacson, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, its ups and downs in the relationship and recommend it as a good read.

  21. Kindle Customer

    Determined, Stubborn, Hardheaded, whatever the term, when two with the same temperament get together sparks fly, but so does love.

  22. nudawn

    I have never read this author’s work before and really enjoyed this. I found myself going back to it after chores, in order to finish the book. Good, clean book. Characters were believable and enjoyable to read about.

  23. B. Washburn

    I enjoyed the banter and honesty that evolved between the two main characters. Both had problems to work through and the ending was predictable but nice.

  24. Elaine

    Great read about friends who meet again. A lot has happened in their lives since they parted after high school. Enjoyed how they finally were able to work things out.

  25. Kindle Customer

    Thank you for a good love story that Christians can read and be safe. I gave four stars because as a Christian our lives are not always so pristine and I would appreciate a more accurate telling of what our lives are like. Everyone we love is not Christian and leaving them out of the story takes away elements of our truth.A good storyteller engages my imagination and this author has done that for me. I’ve never been to Wyoming yet I feel like I may have driven through it, the isolation, the stark coldness and it’s beauty. I trampled through snow so deep of which I have not seen since leaving Pennsylvania to live in Oklahoma four years ago.

  26. Kindle Customer the sheik’s

    A very good story well written with great characters. People who are painfully shy but deeply in love with each and don’t know how to talk to each other.

  27. Michaela

    I really liked this into to the Whittaker’s series. The characters were wonderful and I loved the amount of time this book spanned. There were good lessons within about priorities and making the time for what’s important. I’m anxious to read the next book!

  28. 430booklover

    This is a clean romance between 2 best friends who haven’t seen each other in years. They each have been cheated on and ended up coming back home because of a death and both took over running their father’s ranch. Graham hadn’t planned on coming home and filling his father’s shoes. He is overwhelmed at his job, but not at the ranch because he only has 3 horses and the money to pay for help. Laney is struggling to keep her ranch going on her own.I think they have trouble getting along at first because they are both struggling in different ways. It was good to see Graham realize his mistakes and take steps to rectify things.

  29. Misty

    A beautiful well written clean best friends romance. This engaging storyline had me addicted page after page. This was a very good story about two people overcoming the things in their lives and finding love and happiness with supportive family, ups and downs, obstacles, issues from their past that made them a bit jaded, unannounced reappearance of ex, romance, snowstorm, old crush, and chemistry all while they overcome and find love and happiness. This author and narrator did an amazing job of bringing the characters and the story to life in bright living color. I voluntarily listened and reviewed this incredible story that is beautifully narrated engaging my imagination.

  30. BradTL3

    I enjoyed this best friends to lovers, clean romance. Their journey to love wasn’t easy and both had to learn to trust again. Alan Taylor does a marvelous job narrating this story and bringing the characters to life.

  31. Kaylin

    An amazing story of how a life can be so altered by the things that happen through the years. This is a very good story about two people overcoming the things in their lives and finding love and happiness. I would definitely recommend this book to others. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

  32. Joan arning

    Enjoy another sweet romance by Liz Isaacson! You will admire divorcee Laney McAllister who is dedicated to working the family ranch and caring for her four year old daughter. Laney deals with taking care of horses in the cold of Wyoming winters, the need to replace her furnace, electric lines that need work, little income and working long hours. Laney’s childhood best friend, Graham Whittaker, has done well for himself financially and buys the lodge next to Laney’s ranch when he returns to Wyoming to take care of the family business after his father’s death. Graham is used to bossing people around. You’ll enjoy how Laney stands up for herself even though she has always loved Graham! I recommend Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend to others. I received a complimentary e-book from the author. This is my honest opinion.

  33. Charlotte H.

    A very thought out storyline, but had to keep pulling myself back to the book. I found it went all over, skipping years and sometimes it dragged on. I loved the concept of the story, but maybe it was just missing something for me.

  34. Sandy H

    I had a free copy of this book, but this is my voluntary and honest opinion. This book written by Liz Isaacson has interesting plot and the characters are well developed and the problems they face are varied and add to the plot. Liz is a great story teller and this book is no exception.

  35. Kindle Customer

    I can’t tell which one’s worse, Graham or Laney! But I could not stop reading it.. I started this series with the blind date but also read the Hammond brothers series so I already loved Mr Gruff! I’m loving this series too! Don’t miss this one or the series, you’ll have missed another great family!

  36. mandamorgan

    The thing I loved most about this story was how mature the two characters were. Instead of games they were upfront and honest about everything. Great story. Good, happy ending.

  37. CACK

    This is the ultimate feel-good HEA. Strong, hard-working man and strong home-loving woman who grew up as best friends make wonderful matches…or do they. I would have liked spending the Christmas holidays in a place like the lodge. It has drawn all the brothers back to join in a family business . I look forward to reading how it all comes tovether.

  38. Camella

    This story was sweet, but at times disjointed with character flashbacks. An unexpected return of a ex was a confusing twist in the story. It was still a sweet story about life changes & love.

  39. VVV

    I’m excited to begin this new series. Liz Isaacson always does a great job with clean cowboy romance stories. In this book handsome Graham moved back to his hometown in Wyoming after his dad passed away in order to become the CEO of his billion dollar business. He is surprised to learn that his best friend growing up, Laney, is his next door neighbor. Having just broken up with his girlfriend and still recovering from the grief of his father’s death, Graham only called Laney when he needed her help to learn how to do a ranch task. When a huge snow storm blew in and Laney’s power went out Graham invited her and her daughter to stay at his massive lodge. With Laney in close proximity, Graham began to remember what a special person Laney was. I really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it!

  40. Kindle Customer. Elizabeth Loggins

    Sometimes love reaches us in different ways. Laney and Graham took awhile to see their love. Between horses and business love shows up unexpected.Job well done.

  41. Rhonda

    An easy read with Christian undertones, a really enjoyable story I know you will love as I did. Two best friends growing up, reconnecting with love and understanding. I was able to read in a few hours, a comfortable book with no cliffhanger, and a happy ending.

  42. Janine

    They were best friends while they were in High School but their lives went in different directions after school. Could their friendship from years ago develop into something else? In the hands of Ms Isaacson yes along with the beginning story of Whiskey Mountain Lodge.

  43. Sarah Sarber

    What do you do on a perfectly nasty, rainy, windy day (think scuba gear over hip waders for going outside ;-P) when you don’t have to go ANYWHERE? Especially when you have just downloaded ALL of the Christmas in Coral Canyon books onto your kindle app… =) You binge-read the entire series! I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters-their strong, and sometimes not so strong, faith, their care of family and the understanding that family isn’t always people with whom you are related. What started out as a dreary day, has be a joyous time of meeting ‘new friends’ and watching them grow in their faith and fall in love. *Sigh 🙂 It’s been a LOVELY day!

  44. Kindle Customer

    Lainey has had a crush on Graham since school. One marriage and a child ago, was it finally time to come first in his life?

  45. Teresa

    I started a book deep in the next series, only to find myself very confused. So I started the first book in the series, it soon became obvious that I needed to go further back. Finding this book finally brought clarity to my reading. I am assuming as I continue through this series and into the next I will be able to follow the characters. I enjoyed getting to know Laney and Graham along with meeting Graham’s brothers.

  46. Ms. Hancock

    I don’t know if it’s just because I had such a connection to a previously read book, or if I just am not in the mood for a novel such as this one- but I did not feel the pull to this novel that I normally do when I am reading a new novel. I will definitely have to try again later.

  47. The Unfrozen Tundra

    This was a satisfying book — of course there were hardships and sad moments. But all in all the characters were good as was the sense of place. Easy to read. Love the Happily Ever After!

  48. Virginia Jones

    This is the first book in the Whitaker brothers series. Graham leaves a job he loves and returns to his hometown to take over the family business after his dad dies. He is extremely wealthy so he buys a lodge just up the mountain.. The ranch just beyond the lodge is owned by his best friend from high school, Laney. When he runs into her one snowy day while taking a walk he is very surprised. There’s a strong attraction even after all this time. . I recommend this book because I enjoyed reading it.

  49. Susan Aylworth

    An iconic setting and some lovely people make for a great start to this story. Laney is a well-rounded character whose motivations are clear. Graham is not as deeply developed. We know much about him, but don’t have as much insight as to his why.WHY is he a workaholic? Because he’s used to being in control? Okay, but WHY is he a control freak? Seeing him soften to yield some control is satisfying, but how quickly does a leopard change its spots?I enjoyed this book and liked the way “Liz” set up her series.

  50. gaums1969

    Oh I just love Liz is a sons writing. Her characters make me want to move to their towns and become their friends.

  51. Sunny

    Good story full of twists. Liked Laney, however I thought she had a low self-esteem. Graham on the other hand was stubborn and bossy, even though he was kind hearted. Glad that they were able to work things out for the better.

  52. JDS

    Graham and Laney were best friends in high school. After Graham bought the lodge next to her ranch, they reconnected.

  53. Kindle Customer

    Excellent clean read. I loved the story and all the characters and look forward to my next read in the series.

  54. G.G.

    I enjoyed this book by one of my favorite authors. Though I’m not up on the “billionaire” romance novels, I did like the story, the supportive family atmosphere, and the changes characters made in their lives to pursue love. I did find a few errors in the book–a couple of typos and also–if there’s a power failure, the automatic garage opener will not work by pushing the button (hence the 4 stars)! Overall, this is a clean romance which I recommend.

  55. Holly Lenz

    Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend is a sweet romance about a busy Billionaire turned rancher and his childhood best friend who owns the neighboring ranch. The story is a pleasant, clean book that will warm hearts and bring holiday cheer.The narrator does a nice job bringing the story to life and suits it well.I received a complimentary copy of this audio book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

  56. Kindle Customer

    Really enjoyed this story. It was a pleasure to read about characters that were so normal and wholesome. Loved it.

  57. Jill Bourne’s Line

    Graham buys the Lodge after his father’s death. He moves back to town and instantly meets his neighbor Lainey. Takes a while but he falls for her

  58. Tonya Summitt Stinnett

    I really like this book. I like how this two here up together then went off to collage. One came home sooner then the other. One has been in love with the other longer. But you have to read the book to find all of this out. It is a great book that you will enjoy.

  59. CM

    I rated this a five because it was a true love story. The couple had known one another since school, but had never gotten together. She married a man who seemed so cold hearted and had never grown up, just took and took and took until one day he up and walked out. She on the other hand worked her back side off and when she got reacquainted with her childhood friend had to learn how to trust someone again. That meant taking a chance with not only her heart but the heart of her daughter.What a wonderful book can’t wait to read the next.I

  60. Kimmie61

    This is such a great read! I laughed – full belly laughs. I cried and I’m talking about big crocodile tears. This book covers all of the emotions that are needed when you get a truly good story. Thanks again Liz

  61. Tahoe2011

    Just finished this first book in the series. As always, a very good time consuming book with a lot of interesting comings and goings. Characters were well developed and the emotions from the book were intriguing. Could not wait to read the next page. Never disappointed with Liz.

  62. Amazon Customer

    With the setting of a beautiful ranch at the base of the Grand Teton National Forest, two former best friends reunite – during the Christmas holidays, and the magic begins. This is a wonderful read- up to you to determine if it is fantasy or real life.

  63. judi duncan

    I originally recieved this as an ARC Audiobook Review. I enjoyed it so much I also purchased it for my kindle! This is a very promising start to a new series. In “Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend” there are lost of obstacles in the way. Both have issues from the past that tend to make them a bit jaded. Add to that Graham is a workaholic take charge kind of guy. Laney is a divorced mom trying to do the best for her daughter. A snowstorm brings them together but what will it take to keep them that way! I recommend this series!

  64. J. Forrest

    Graham comes home to find his best friend Laney is already there. They both have ranches but she is struggling with hers. Graham has trouble separating work from his personal life until his father dies and he starts to fall in love with Laney. She is hard working and a mother to Bailey but has trouble accepting the fact that she can fit in with Graham’s family and their wealth. I think that if she had 5 homes instead of just the ranch and the cabin, she would spend time running from life by going from one to another. She was a little needy for me, but I love the book and of course Liz took the story around until the finish line. At that point Mike, the ex-husband shows up unannounced. Then he left after a few threats from both Graham and Laney, but I never figured out what happened to him. That provided a little drama.

  65. joymom

    This is the first in a couple of fabulous series that take place in Coral Canyon and Whiskey Mountain Lodge. The characters feel compelling and real, despite being down to earth billionaires that don’t care about money. Start here and you will want to read the stories of the whole Whittaker family, then move on to the Hammonds. Each book can stand on its own, but once you meet them, you will want to follow their stories and love having the characters show up in future books. Clean and fun romance, with a hint of faith. Just remember, as always, to get your theology from the Bible, not romance novels.

  66. Natasha Frazier

    Laney and Graham’s story was cute and enjoyable. The dialogue was good and the characters well developed. The author painted a vivid picture of the ranch. We don’t get much snow here in Texas, so it was nice to escape to Echo Ridge ranch. Great storytelling!

  67. swavelykid

    After being deserted and divorced Laney isn’t looking for love but along comes Graham her childhood crush. He isn’t looking for love but as circumstances bring them together he finds that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Can he give up his need to run every aspect of his late father’s business in order to make room for Laney and her daughter Bailey or will he end up a lonely billionaire? The growth of the characters within their struggles makes you root for this couple as they each deal with their personal issues.

  68. Kindle Customer MKH

    Graham is back in Wyoming, not necessarily because he wants to be, but ever since his father’s death he has been taking care of the lodge and the Energy plant his family owns. He decides to go for a walk one day and finds himself face-to-face with Laney Boyd! His childhood friend. Only it isn’t Boyd anymore more but McAllister and she has a six year old daughter, Bailey. He is actually happy when she tells him she is divorced, huh, strange. Over the next 11 months Graham asks Laney for advice on his three horses and she never fails to provide him with the support and help he needs. What happens when he finds out she has no heat? Then when he is taking her home and they discover her ex-husband at her home uninvited? Only one way to find out, read this great story by Liz Isaacson.

  69. c8girl

    Mistakes littered throughout. Not timeline⁹, but things like “she wondered why he didn’t respond to her text.” Well….because you didn’t send one. At least not one the reader knows about. There are things like that a few times.Content: no sex scenes. No profanity.

  70. Kindle Customer

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a very we inll written book and you will love the story. I recommend this book and the author.

  71. Kindle Customer

    They grew up as best friends and drifted apart as adults, now he has moved back home to take over the family business. They meet again and realize they can still be friends, even best friends, but can they be more?

  72. Retiredaunt

    A new author for me and am delighted. Not really into the billionaire trend as am financially more like Lainey but enjoyed this book. Money wasn’t the driving force for anyone. Especially liked how real the characters were and how they work on their relationships. H and h grew into more mature people and were a good example to all.

  73. Kindle Customer

    I totally loved this book:) If you love second chances this book is for you:) If you love action, obstacles, even overcoming mother nature, and fighting for true love this book is for you! This author did an amazing job bringing the characters and the story to life in bright living color. I highly recommend this book! Happy reading!

  74. Kindle Customer

    This is my first book by Liz Isaacson, but it won’t be the last. I enjoyed the characters and the story. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series

  75. Lyn Jones (verified owner)

    Still waiting for holiday time to read your books

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