Book 3: Hidden in the Heart – eBook

Book 3: Hidden in the Heart – eBook

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He’s a single dad in desperate need of a nanny for the summer. She can provide the help he needs so he can manage the family orchards on the edge of the lake. But can she hold onto her heart, or will she lose it to the man set to take over the Addler empire?

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Liam Addler lost his wife to breast cancer three years ago. Left with a seven-year-old daughter and a nanny who quit unexpectedly, he hires a new service to help him find someone to balance his work life with his home life. He’s never felt anything for anyone but his late wife…until Serenity Silvers walks in.

She’s his new au pair.

They can’t start a relationship, or she could lose her job and he could tarnish his upstanding reputation as the future owner of the largest cherry orchard and beach resort in the state. But he can’t stay away from her.

She’s kind, loves his daughter, and awakens something he’d thought died when his wife did. She’s dealing with the illness of her mother, as well as moving from overseas to be closer to her before she dies.

Liam doesn’t think his heart can survive another complete breakā€”can Serenity convince him otherwise?

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