Book 6: Hidden in the Past – eBook

Book 6: Hidden in the Past – eBook

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She’s a widow raising her baby alone. Even the leader of the motorcycle club knows who Karly Addler is. When he has to walk her down the aisle at her sister’s wedding, neither of them expect the attraction between them…

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Karly Addler lost her husband fourteen months ago, and she’s not all that interested in finding someone new–until she meet Maverick with his intense blue eyes, kind spirit, and arms full of ink. She’s got a one-year-old daughter to think about, but maybe she doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of her life…

Maverick Malone lives a quiet life with his motorcycle club, the Sentinels. The bikers provide help for those less fortunate in Forbidden Lake, including women like Karly, who’s car breaks down near their club. When the VP of the rival club informs him that Karly’s grandfather used to be a Hawk and that she’s off-limits, he does everything he can to confirm it. But he can’t find a definitive answer, and he doesn’t want to stay away from her.

As they keep their blooming romance behind closed doors and starting late, late at night, Maverick finds his shredded heart healing. But he’s got Hawks on the doorstep and spying on everything the Sentinels do, and a war is definitely brewing in Forbidden Lake.

When he finally learns the truth about where the lines are, will he be able to keep his secret girlfriend and her daughter safe? Or will he have to give up everything he’s learned to love in order to keep the peace with his biker brothers?

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