Book 5: Hidden in the Stars – eBook

Book 5: Hidden in the Stars – eBook

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She’s the family lawyer and the baby of the Addler family. Her father didn’t approve of her last boyfriend, and Mia broke up with the rockstar who’d helped her sister. But he’s back in Forbidden Lake, and Mia has some very grown-up decisions to make…

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Mia Addler has always conformed to family expectations. So when her father declares rockstar Declan Phelps too old for her, she breaks up with him and tries to find a way to enjoy her summer. But he can’t stay away from her, and he stages a “chance meeting” at the beach to see if they can have a second chance.

Declan has traveled the world as a rockstar, earning more money than should be legal and doing everything he wants. When his sister dies, he cleans up his act and starts putting his money toward good causes. So when he meets Mia Addler, they couldn’t be more opposite, but they have the same values and goals—to help others. Mia learns he has a crazy fan stalking him and devises a plan to sign him as a client. That way, if her father finds out she’s been seeing Declan again, she’ll have attorney-client privilege and not have to say what they talk about or what they do.

Declan readily agrees, and then he and Mia fly off on their first date. While they’re gone, her family has a tragedy. She regrets being gone for it, and she can’t tell anyone she was with her secret boyfriend. As she struggles to balance her family crisis with Declan and their forbidden relationship, Declan feels her slipping further and further from him. When Declan gets abducted by the crazy fan and realizes she wants revenge, Mia realizes all of her secrets are about to be blown wide open.

Will she admit how she really feels about Declan? Or will her family’s wishes win out over her heart?

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