Book 2: His Second Chance – Audiobook

Book 2: His Second Chance – Audiobook


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They broke up over twenty years ago. She’s lost everything when she shows up at the farm in Ivory Peaks where he works. Can Matt and Gloria heal from their pasts to find a future happily-ever-after with each other? Can Matt’s second chance for happily-ever-after be right in front of him?

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by Cody D. Roberts, today!

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Matthew Whettstein has been working the Hammond family farm for over fifteen years—every summer when the family left for Coral Canyon. This year, though, he’s brought his children after checking his ex-wife into an alcohol treatment program. His heart is bruised and he’s looking for a chance to heal as he figures out how to be a single dad.

When Hunter and Molly start an equine therapy program for children on the farm, Matt pours everything he has into it. They need more help, and that’s when Matt comes face-to-face with a woman he dated way before he met his wife: Gloria Munson.

Gloria has lost everything in her childhood home of Sugar Pond—where Matt’s from too. She’s broke and desperate for a job. As the two work together and start to bond again, their romance from long ago is rekindled…

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