Book 2: Secret Sweetheart – eBook

Book 2: Secret Sweetheart – eBook

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She’s a domestic goddess. He works on her father’s ranch. They could have forever…if they could take their relationship out of the shadows.

Can she overcome her anxiety and fear and build a life with Knox? Or will their relationship be doomed to die in the shadows at Quinn Valley Ranch?

Original price was: $7.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Betsy Quinn is a queen in the kitchen. And behind a sewing machine. And with the gardening. She keeps everyone fed and happy at Quinn Valley Ranch—but she can’t stay there forever. After all, her older brother will inherit the ranch and take over the homestead.

She worries about that, but not as much as she does her crush on Knox Locke, the new farrier at the ranch. The problem? Knox’s brother is already dating Betsy’s sister, and he’s worried about stepping on too many toes. So he and Betsy devise a solution to the problem—a secret relationship.

As they work together on the ranch, have game nights with other cowboys, and plan the masquerade ball for the town’s Valentine’s Day celebration, Betsy finds herself falling in love with Knox.

But she feels inadequate telling him she just wants to cook, sew, and garden.

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