Book 3: Surly Cowboy – Audiobook

Book 3: Surly Cowboy – Audiobook


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He’s got a reputation to uphold and he’s not all that amused the way regular people are. Like that time he stood there straight-faced and silent while everyone else in the audience cheered and clapped for that educational demo… Can Lee and Rosalie let bygones be bygones and make a family filled with joy?

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Lee Cooper hasn’t been interested in getting his heart stomped on again, thank you very much. He’s the oldest brother, and the entire future of Sweet Water Falls Farm rests on his shoulders. Oh, and he’s got his eight-year-old son to consider. So he doesn’t laugh or even smile that often. Big deal. Lots of people barely smile, don’t they?

Maybe not Rosalie Reynolds, who is seriously the brightest ray of sunshine in Texas. At least in Lee’s opinion.

She develops educational video and board games, and she’s the one who had him star-struck and silent after the demo. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to cheer and clap, it was that…he’s forgotten how to act around pretty women.

Rosalie has plenty keeping her out of the dating pool too, the least of which is her business, which she runs solo, and her daughter, a four-year-old with a lot more energy than her mother. As Lee and Rosalie start to see each other, she has some past obstacles to clear before the relationship can progress, and he’s got some mental blocks about women he needs to erase.

It’s so hard for him to be positive, and he’s not sure he can be different…but he wants to try. Will Rosalie stick around long enough to sweeten the surly cowboy? Or will she decide the smart thing to do is to set Lee free?

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