Book 6: The Chief’s Catch – eBook

Book 6: The Chief’s Catch – eBook

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Can the youngest Fuller sister tame the beast of a Police Chief? Or will their romance fizzle because of his temper?

A modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast!

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Berlin Fuller has struck out with the dating scene in Brush Creek more times than she cares to admit. When she makes a deal with her friends that they can choose the next man she goes out with, she didn’t dream they’d pick surly Cole Fairbanks, the new Chief of Police. Not only is Cole twelve years older than Berlin, he doesn’t date. Period.

His friends call him the Beast and challenge him to complete ten dates that summer or give up his bonus check to their bank accounts. When Berlin approaches him, stuttering about the deal with her friends and claiming they don’t actually have to go out, he’s intrigued. Everything from her hair color to her eyelashes is fake, and Cole really wants to know the woman beneath the fa├žade.

So he agrees to the date and actually wants to go on it. And then another. And another. As the summer passes, Cole finds himself burning both ends of the candle to keep up with his job and his new relationship. When he unleashes the Beast one time too many, Berlin will have to decide if she can tame him or if she should walk away. Can Cole shelve his pride and apologize? Or will it be too little too late for Berlin?

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