Book 2: The Day He Drove By – eBook

Book 2: The Day He Drove By – eBook

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A widowed florist, her ten-year-old daughter, and the paramedic who delivered the girl a decade earlier…

Paramedic Andrew Herrin delivered Gretchen Samuels’s daughter on the side of the road when she and her husband couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. When their paths cross again in small-town Hawthorn Harbor, she’s a widow and the baby is ten-year-old Dixie.

Dixie gets along great with Drew, and Gretchen finds herself falling in love with the man who’s rescued her on the side of the road twice now. But when Drew’s ex-girlfriend comes back to town, Gretchen’s trust issues rear their ugly head.

The day Drew drove by Gretchen’s van changed his whole life. He wants her and her daughter in his life, but he can’t keep reassuring her that he and his ex are over. Way over.

Can Drew and Gretchen find their way toward true love?

Start this sweet/clean contemporary beach romance series filled with second-chance romances by USA Today bestselling author Elana Johnson.

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The Day He Left Town - eBook

He’s waiting for a promotion to come through. She’s back in her hometown after a humiliating break-up. Can Tony and Cat make their second chance stick this time?

Anthony Herrin has followed his older brothers into public service, but he’s anxious to get back into the Forest Service. He’s waiting for his final interview to be scheduled, so running into his high school and college girlfriend at the top of one of their favorite hikes…not in his plans.

The Forest Service separated Catherine Magleby from Tony once before, and while she’s got a gypsy spirit too, and she’s not keen to stay in the small town where she grew up, her heart is in no condition to be broken again.

Will Tony and Cat be able to find their off-beat brand of happily-ever-after?

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The Day He Left Town: He’s waiting for a promotion to come through. She’s back in her hometown after a humiliating break-up. Can Tony and Cat make their second chance stick this time?

The Day He Drove By: A widowed florist, her ten-year-old daughter, and the paramedic who delivered the girl a decade earlier...

The Day He Stopped In: A widowed park ranger, her twelve-year-old son, and the Chief of Police who's secretly kept an eye on both of them...

The Day He Said Hello: A firefighter, his high school sweetheart who left him years before, and the finicky kiln fire that brings them back together...

The Day He Let Go: A K9 cop, the woman he hires to build him a deck, and the magic of Christmas that could bring Trent and Lauren together this holiday season...

The Day He Came Home: A wounded Marine returns to Hawthorne Harbor years after the woman he was married to for exactly one week before she got an annulment...and then a baby nine months later. Can Hunter and Alice make a family out of past heartache?

The Day He Asked Again: A Coast Guard captain would rather spend his time on the sea...unless he's with the woman he's been crushing on for months. If Dave asks just one more time, will Brooklynn give their second chance at romance another shot?

Praise for The Day He Drove By:
★★★★★ "A definite must read!"
★★★★★ "Heartwarming and evocative."
★★★★★ "One of my favorites by Elana Johnson."

Fall in love in Hawthorne Harbor today!

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $4.99.
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Paramedic Andrew Herrin delivered Gretchen Samuels’s daughter on the side of the road when she and her husband couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. When their paths cross again in small-town Hawthorn Harbor, she’s a widow and the baby is ten-year-old Dixie.

Dixie gets along great with Drew, and Gretchen finds herself falling in love with the man who’s rescued her on the side of the road twice now. But when Drew’s ex-girlfriend comes back to town, Gretchen’s trust issues rear their ugly head.

The day Drew drove by Gretchen’s van changed his whole life. He wants her and her daughter in his life, but he can’t keep reassuring her that he and his ex are over. Way over.

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64 reviews for Book 2: The Day He Drove By – eBook

  1. diana jaycox (my friends call me DJ)

    The Day He Drove By by Elana Johnson, is a first read by this author. I am a sucker for small town romances especially if the setting is the Pacific Northwest, a part of the country I have loved all my life. And when I read that Elana and some writer friends were conducting a virtual Girl’s Road Trip cross country through books , I couldn’t resist joining in. Since the pandemic all the road trips I have hoped to take during my retirement have been curtailed. Travelling through reading has been my only outlet.Elena Johnson’s depiction of the lavender fields of Hawthorne Harbor brought back memories of trips to Half-moon Bay ,passing flower farms and markets on the way, and the feelings of a simpler happier time in my childhood. I could literally smell the salt from the ocean and feel the breeze through my hair. Through words, I was driving my SUV through Washington State to attend the lavender festival in Hawthorne Harbor, my best friends in the seats beside me! Yahoo! We are on a road trip!And just like on a road trip, Ms. Johnson made sure that we meet the locals, especially the main characters of The Day He Drove By, Drew and Gretchen. Again, Elena Johnson, creative mind has developed characters so real you will think they alive and picnicking next to you. What a joy it is to be able to relate book friends. To be transported to a beach in Washington State, is magic to behold l! I usually like my romance with a bit more heat and steam. But I appreciate the talent it takes as another reviewer noted, to illustrate the emotions, feelings and sexual tension, involved in a blossoming new love, using words without erotica. And as I myself am no longer in those giddy teenage years, where every love was my one and only love, I like that Elena describes the true nature of second chance love between adults who are into their mid-life. The slow build and burn of romance is different than the flash in the pan, wild monkey sex of our early 20s ! It was much more believable than I have read earlier in my readings. I nice change of pace.So the first selection of the girls road was a nice interlude and a great place to start. I hope to read more of Ms Johnson books once the road trip is over.

  2. F. J. Latham

    A wonderful clean refreshing love story. Great characters and perfect story plot. I enjoyed this novel and liked the author. It was simply enjoyable.

  3. Jennifer Bean

    Great love story! Lots of unexpected twists and turns. If you’re a single mom, or have been one, you’ll be able to relate.

  4. RMH

    My first book by Elana Johnson and I enjoyed it.Features:-single mom, widow-EMT-clean (no sex, violence, or foul language)-HEA

  5. Tracey D

    What an emotional roller coaster this book was. Once Gretchen stopped letting her past get in her way, she was able to realize that she Loved Drew. It’s ok to be a strong independent woman, but she needed to accept that it’s okay to lean on people sometimes too.

  6. Sherry Miller

    It was just so good. I couldn’t wait to get back to it wondering how it would actually turn out. Well, I had a guess with them ending up together, but it’s all about the course that takes them there.

  7. LKR

    Another winner! This a beautiful sweet romance with very unusual circumstances. I’ll be reading the entire series. Love this author’s writing!

  8. Nancy Hipple

    I love second chances! What a sweet family story with interesting characters and a good story. It was easy to feel a part of the community.

  9. miss salcy

    The book is so well written that the characters come alive and become your friends. Drew delivered Gretchen’s baby at the side of the road ten years ago. Now a widow ,Gretchen is back in town with her daughter, Dixie. Despite obstacles and misunderstandings Gretchen and Drew find love. The only thing missing in the story is the actual wedding.

  10. Kindle Customer

    Gretchen has loved lavender fields. She’s back running a floral shop growing her own flowers right next to lavender farms. Her daughter, Dixie, was born right along the road. She’s now 10. Drew is an EMT with a passion for ice cream. That is, creating ice cream flavors. Can he enter and need crowned lavender King? Come along with the fine folks here where lavender reigns King of all. Happy Reading!

  11. Sue Grosz

    After delivering Gretchen’s baby on an emergency call she leaves town. Her grandfather sells his lavender farm, but she moves back as this is the only place she can imagine making a home and living for her daughter and herself as florist doing something she loves. Following a breakup with his girlfriend Drew leaves town for a time. Eventually returning home as he just wasn’t happy in Medina he runs into Gretchen again, this time on the side of the road with a flat tire. In the meantime her husband had been killed in an accident. Establishing a relationship was not something either was sure they wanted. But neither seemed to know what they wanted. An accident causes both to search what the next step would be. Great reading.

  12. Necklace

    In the small town of Hawthorne Harbor Andrew Herrin a paramedic delivers Gretchen Samuel’s daughter on the roadside when she couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Ten years later Gretchen is a widow raising her daughter Dixie when Drew sees Gretchen on the side of the road needing help for a flat tire. The only obstacle keeping Gretchen and Drew from falling in love is Drew’s ex-girlfriend. I really enjoyed reading this sweet contemporary Christian romance novel.

  13. Kindle Customer Ray Kesner

    This is probably the best modern romance book I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of them, including all of the ones in this series. Elana is exceptional in holding the reader’s attention throughout this and all her other books I’ve read. The stories are realistic, interesting and attention holding from beginning to end. I found myself wondering what would have happened if Drew had just kept going instead of stopping to change Gretchen’s tire that day. Sure is a good recommendation for being a good Sameritain in life. If you’re wondering if this is a book worthy of your time, my answer is a resounding, “by all means, yes!”

  14. Kindle Customer

    What a sweet beautiful love story that bloomed just like the florists flower garden. Match made in heaven. Wish real life was like this.

  15. C. Condon

    Actually the 2 days he drives by. First time she is on side of road in labor and she delivers her daughter. 2nd time is almost 10 years later and she is now a flowers lady (including weddings, etc) and has a flat on side of the road. She is also now a widow. This is a clean and sweet romance (as promised) of 2nd chances. There’s a lovely wishing well element. There is a stepfather relationship element. There are misunderstandings and pride. Lots of pride. Gets in the way. But, it has a very romantic ending.

  16. SW

    One that has clean language and DON’T have the couple on again off again 20 times over super . silliness. You can relate to a ready made family very easily in this book.

  17. Nancy

    Gretchen Samuels and her ten-year-old daughter, Dixie, move to Hawthorn Harbor, a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state. As a child, Gretchen spent her summers here with her grandparents. This is where she was the happiest—helping to work on her grandparents’ lavender farm, basking in their love. She enjoyed the beach and her next-door neighbor, Drew Herrin her best summer friend.However, Gretchen grew up and got married. With her grandparents getting older, Gretchen and her husband Aaron moved to help with the farm. Gretchen gets pregnant, and Aaron drives her to the hospital but Gretchen knew they couldn’t get there in time. Aaron feared he’d have to deliver the baby on the side of the road but a call to a paramedic has him arriving just in time. The paramedic turns out to be none other than Drew, Gretchen’s first love.The grandma passes away, and Gretchen’s grandfather sells the farm and moves away. Gretchen and her family go to live in the busy city of Seattle until Aaron gets killed in an accident, leaving Gretchen a widow and almost penniless. With thoughts of returning to Hawthorn Harbor, Gretchen manages to scrape up enough cash to open a flower shop and rent a small cottage.Whom should she encounter after all these years but Drew, who comes to her rescue again when she has a flat tire on her way to taking Dixie to school. Also, back in town, Drew left his job in Medina to be closer to his family.Drew immediately bonds with Dixie, and the three spend a lot of time together. Gretchen finds herself falling for Drew again, but can a relationship work? She learns the reason Drew returned to his hometown is boredom with his job and missing his family. The fact that he left three years prior was because he was dumped by his ex. Finally, over that pain, he is happy to be back home.Not wanting to show her feelings, Gretchen plays it cool, for she thinks Drew loves Dixie more than her. When Drew’s ex arrives back in town, Gretchen feels her budding romance with Drew is over, and he will return to her. Of course, there is tension and doubts. What woman wouldn’t wonder if when her new boyfriend’s ex comes back into his life if he will go back to her?The first issue of The Hawthorn Harbor Second Chance Romance series will have the reader inhaling the salt air laced with the scent of lavender and feeling the camaraderie of the small-town populace. Drew’s endeavor to concoct the perfect lavender-flavored ice cream to will the award in the Lavender Festival will also have one salivating over his different recipes.Will well-defined characters and a welcoming and descriptive setting, two friends from long ago have a chance at love? Will it happen? A charming read that will have readers anticipating the next book in this series.

  18. Angel’s Mommy

    If you like your romances sweet and clean, then this one is for you. Ms. Johnson did a wonderful job of delivering a solid story. Gretchen Samuels moved back to Hawthorn Harbor with her young daughter, Dixie, after her husband’s death. She always felt with Hawthorn Harbor was home. She would visit her grandparents here every summer and play in the lavender field with the neighbor’s son, Andrew Herrin. Ten years earlier, Drew, now a paramedic, helped to deliver, Gretchen’s daughter on the side of the road. Drew comes to Gretchen’s aid for a second time when she has a flat tire and needs to get to town to deliver her flowers!The road to Gretchen and Andrew’s HEA is a precious story. It is filled with some profound sentiments and words as well as laughter and tears.I adored the dual POV. There were a few moments with that really helped me to connect to the character at a given situation.This is a wonderful start to the series and I look for more. There was a hint at the end as to the next story so I really look forward to it.If you love your romance to be sweet and clean or really just a good feel-good romance, then you should give this one a try. I highly recommend this story to anyone.

  19. Booklover72

    This was an interesting plot twist. I loved the interaction with ALL the characters and the way the story ended. An epilogue would have been nice, but even without one, I still really enjoyed the book. Guess I’m just going to have to buy the next book. lol!

  20. Ria

    This is a sweet, clean, quick read romance. I liked Drew a lot. He is an all around good guy seeking to make the world a better place and great with kids. Gretchen I had a harder time with. She was so bent on relying on herself that she was just unwise and kinda rude. I get that things were rough for her but she was prickly enough that I had to wonder what Drew was attracted to. There must have been some mighty strong sparks in their second chance meeting. Dix was adorable and seemed beyond her years.Biggest problem I had with this book was that I’m just not sure I can handle black pepper in my ice-cream… :)Sex: some kissesLanguage: noneViolence: none

  21. Mary C

    Drew and Gretchen, along with Dixie made for good reading. I must say though that Dixie made the story for me. I love the innocence of kids.ENJOY!Happy Reading!!MARY C

  22. Debrà Syvertson

    This book was well written and just the kind of romance I like to read when I get in bed. It was a heartwarming story about second chances at falling in love.

  23. Yvonne Limburg

    This story makes one feel positive even when life has been tough. The story develops and has many sweet situations. A beautiful ending!

  24. TeresaC3

    Drew and Gretchen knew each other for years when she was younger and would come to stay with her granddad for the summer and Drew’s family lived next door. The she is married and Drew happens to be the paramedic who shows up to deliver her baby on the side of the road. Ten years later Gretchen is living back in Hawthorn Harbor as a widow with a ten year old daughter. Drew finds them at about the same spot where she was when he delivered her baby only this time she has a flat tire and no spare tire. They both feel some spark right away but try to deny it. Dixie on the other hand takes to Drew immediately and as they all spend more time together she hopes that Drew and her mom will get together. Will Dixie’s wish come true or will there be too many obstacles between them? Will Drew be able to get past being hurt enough to allow Gretchen into his heart and can Gretchen allow herself to love again after her husbands death several years ago?

  25. Tyreke Holder

    I loved this story. It pulled a range of emotions. The wishing well was a great added touch. Definitely will be going through the series. Did I mention I really loved this story. Sometimes life does a 360 and it’s like you arrive back at a meeting point and wonder at the craziness of it all. LOL!!!

  26. Jodi Wiesneski

    Great book with clean romance. Gretchen and Dixie have a second run in with Drew. What a heartwarming story of second chances at love. Great family and friends make the story even sweeter. Loved the happily ever after ending.

  27. Loose Leaf Reviews

    This is a sweet read filled with lots of emotion as Gretchen tries to figure out what she wants, what she can handle, and how it will affect her daughter. Drew has his own issues to work out which makes this feel like real life.I did get frustrated with Gretchen. She took not asking for help to the beyond ridiculous level making the grand gesture at the end necessary. In a way, it kind of ruined the real-life feel of the story for me. I wish she had given in more gradually and accepted Drew’s love naturally. After all, he let her help him. Thank goodness for Dixie and her wish making!I give this story something between a 3.5 and a 4. I enjoyed it while reading, finished, moved on and sort of forgot about it.1-5 scale and what it means:1: I couldn’t even finish it / just plain bad2: I hope I didn’t pay for this / disappointing3: I didn’t hate it, but it was still missing something / forgettable but inoffensive3.5: On the line between good and ok / like, not love4: Solid mind candy / worth reading4.5: So very close to perfection! / must read5: I could not put it down and I’m still thinking about it! / a true treasureMovie Ratings in relation to my review:Clean–Hallmark movies, some kissing, no nudity, no sex on or off “screen”PG–Some innuendo but nothing kids don’t hear every day, sex is all closed doorPG-13–some language (swear words not related to sex), more talk about sex, heavy petting, removal of clothing on screen, but sex is closed door.PG-14—somewhere between PG-13 and R. Not erotica, but at least a paragraph of on-screen sexR–swearing (F-bomb, on “screen” sex, sometimes feels like the whole story is about the sex and not the relationship or some other plot, but not always

  28. Shanna Johnson

    The Day He Drove By is such a sweet story (in many ways!). You have romance, family, memories, ice cream, and so much lavender. I enjoyed this book so much I just could NOT put it down. I cannot wait to read more in the series and see what happens with other characters, because the way the author wrote this one, you just HAVE to get hooked.

  29. Virginia Jones

    This is a beautiful story of reconnecting with a childhood friend. When Gretchen’s husband dies in an accident, she and her daughter Dixie move back to the farming community where she spent summers with her grandfather on his lavender farm. There she reconnectes with Drew, a paramedic who comes across her van stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. She doesn’t want to admit that she needs help but finally allows him to deliver her, her daughter and the load of fresh flowers she has to her flower shop in town. Then he repaired her flat and drives the van to her shop. This is just the beginning of a beautiful romance with many ups and downs. I was totally engrossed in this story and recommend it as a delightful read.

  30. Sue

    I love sweet romances. I’ve been reading them for about 50 years. Full of clean and warm fuzzies. Very enjoyable.

  31. SL K(The Flipped Page)

    Romance, clean; series but stand alone read.This was more of a 3.5 for me as a reader. I love her gorgeous covers, so rounded up. Gretchen’s story as she returned to Hawthorne Harbor, and brought her daughter to try to make a life, and meeting up with Andrew (Drew) again, was a beautiful, heartfelt read. Honest, hurting hearts, trying to find a future and finding each other. My favorite kind of read. Loved seeing all the family and friend connections, the farm history, Gretchen’s past and her present coming together as she tries to make a place for herself and her daughter, finding family, and her heart again. Lovely start to this series. Always a good read, and a lovely fall with anything E. J. writes.

  32. Kindle Customer

    After her husband dies in an accident Gretchen and her daughter move to the town where she spent summers with her grandparents. She was always happiest there. They were living there when her daughter was born on the side of the road delivered by a paramedic when they couldn’t get to the hospital in time. Eleven years later the same paramedic stops to help her when she has a flat tire. Drew is attracted to her and wants to get to know her better. He makes a habit of being there to help her and gradually their attraction grows. Their relationship grows slowly and I like that aspect of the story.Drew’s folks take Gretchen and Dixie in when she breaks her foot and make them a part of their lives. They both have trouble understanding and expressing their feelings. Since their relationship is a little uncertain when an old flame of Drew’s trys to come between them things blow up.Drew is such a sweetheart in taking care of both Gretchen and Dixie I just had to fall in love with him too. Thinking of a new beginning was difficult for Gretchen because it had been just her and Dixie for so long. Her sole interest had been being a good mother. Their happy ending was sweet. Dixie is quite a character and a little bit of an instigator.

  33. Kindle Customer

    Very well written characters. Plot was good. It was predictable, but is you want a nice easy read and a cute story, this is for you

  34. Shelia Hall

    Loved the book! The sweet story about Drew delivering Dixie was sweet. Loved all the great ideas for ice cream too! The romance between Drew and Gretchen was sweet too

  35. Kristen Lewendon

    I’m a sucker for a second chance. I don’t care if it’s a second chance for two people who didn’t work the first time around or it’s a ‘second chance’ to get it right with a whole new partner. Gretchen and Andrew are a sweet pairing. Together, they bring back that nostalgia of that time when they were just kids. But Gretchen’s so stubbornly independent, I despaired of them ever figuring it out. I’m so glad that Drew and Dixie were able to help her see the possibilities. And Dixie might just be my favorite character in the whole book.

  36. Gloria

    Wonderful book…sweet story .. great characters!! Could not put this down! Now I must find the next one! So glad I discovered Elana Johnson!!!

  37. Patricia Brooks

    This was a really good story and was the first one that I read by this author, I will definitely be reading more stories by her in the future.

  38. Kindle CustomerLoretta

    Well constructed and far superior to what’s available on TV!For those of us who enjoy a well written romance novel it fills those requirements!

  39. pb loves to read

    Grab some tissues, a cold drink, and settle in for a good long read. You’re going to love this one!

  40. Sandy H

    Paramedic Andrew Herrin delivered Gretchen Samuels little girl Dixie. Now she’s back in town with her 10 year old daughter after her husband’s death. She is a florist who is struggling to make ends meet when she has an accident, and again Drew is on call. She must decide whether to let Drew into their lives or not. The plot includes issues of trust, wanting to be independent, and being open to love. A great start to a series by Elana Johnson!

  41. MJ

    I so enjoyed this story and getting to know Gretchen, Drew and Dixie. These two were so made for each other. A captivating read that grabbed me from the beginning.

  42. Sue

    Yay, yay, yay!!!!! Great ending for Gretchen,Drew and Dixie. A very soft and enjoyable love story. Of course with ups and downs and surprises within the story. Such a good read and would be a fun read for all those who love a little romance!!! Enjoy ????

  43. Pattie & MistyBlue

    It was 10 years ago. Gretchen she was in pain it was ripping through her lower back. Here in the in the backseat of the car; no time there is for the baby to come. Aaron, call,911 “please,”, This is not what it should be and the baby is coming!Who would believe this is now 10 years Gretchen and Annie are now here living in the same town. Drew he was the paramedic who had help Gretchen,back than. What Drew & Gretchen we’re trying to pleased instead of just themselves . What did happen to everyone in this story.

  44. Sheila

    I enjoyed reading every minute of this book and can’t wait to start reading the next book in this series. It was nice when Gretchen finally got it through her head they needed to sit down and talk to one another. My late husband also surprised me with a diamond in my birthday when we hadn’t even talked about getting mau, he had already talked to two of my girlfriend’s, they also knew but told him they wouldn’t say anything. It was a surprise!

  45. Shirlene Peterson

    Great easy read without swearing which was enjoyable. Cute story that keeps your interest. Just ordered nook 2 in the series.

  46. Kindle Customer

    Its so nice to read a story n that is not full of sex, foul language or violence. Drew just wants to love her and make her happy. But Gretchen, since the death if her husband, has decided she has to do it all on her own. Will she let Drew into her life? Will she let go of the past and love again? Will she let the man that delivered her daughter on the side of the road 10 years ago be a big part of their life?

  47. Marlene

    I really loved this book. It’s a clean read that can be enjoyed by anyone. I smiled; I laughed out loud; and, I loved the tangled web of love. Gretchen first met Andrew Herrin along side a road; the second time she saw him she had a flat tire on the same road but, ten years later. New in her life was Dixie and her loving husband, Aaron, was no longer with her. Sad, eventful and complicated, to say the least. I enjoyed my walks in the lavender fields and I loved her flowers. This book is about family, dedication and heartfelt caring of those you love. Perfect!

  48. Jill

    What a beautiful story with very imperfect people that are trying their best. The story takes place in a beautiful harbor town that is know for it’s lavender farms and festivals. Great story with great characters.

  49. Avid Reader

    This was a refreshing change to the typical romance novels written these days with sex being the main focus. Foreword/About this book was not completely accurate. He didn’t constantly have to reassure her that his ex was totally out of his life. He hid things from her and lied by omission. At the end she still doesn’t know about all the texts his ex sent him. Definitely worth reading.

  50. Gatorfan

    THE DAY HE DROVE BY / THE PARAMEDICS SECOND CHANCE is a standalone read with a happy ending. It is a very sweet clean romance, sex is not even talked about so it would be appropriate for any reading group. The heroine, Gretchen, is a widow with a young daughter. She owns and operates the florist shop in their small town. It is on the northwest corner of the U.S. where lavender is grown in abundance.The hero, Drew, is a local boy that has lived in the town for all of his life except for a few years when he lived in a local town. He left his home when the girl he fell in love with turned him down for marriage and left town. He was broken hearted and decided to start over in a nearby town. That didn’t work out so he moved home. He was very active in working jobs where he helped people. One day he delivered a baby on the side of the road in his home town. That was a big thing for him and 10 years later he is still telling the story. He currently works as an EMT but for their small town there are not many emergencies and his job is mostly simple events. He is unsettled.He lives with his two German Shepard dogs. On his way to work one day he spots a van on the side of the road with a flat tire. He stops to help and discovers it is the woman and child from 10 years ago. He never forgot her and is shocked to see her and her daughter after all this time.This story is their love story. She would be starting to love again and he would discover real love for the first time. Their path is not an easy one, she has a 10 year old daughter to consider. He has his own issues. There are a lot of side characters, 2 dogs and 2 kids as well as best friends. The heroine is a little over the top with her constant worrying about things and then not being mature enough to even discuss problems but apparently this doesn’t bother Drew and the romance proceeds. It is an interesting read and I definitely recommend it. It had everything requir4ed to make it a romance, falling in love, overcoming issues, the overwhelming ex-girlfriend and starting over in a whole new life. But everything works out and everyone gets a happy ending.I was not paid for this review. I am not a writer nor do I know one. I am not kin to this author. I am not a bot. I am a reader and this is my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. 9/30/18

  51. Kindle Customer

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed this story! Gwendolyn and Drew were both really sweet people, as was her little girl Dixie. It was so sweet,. the relationship she developed with Drew. And his relation with her was as if she were his on child. It was just a really great story, check it out and I believe you’ll love it too!

  52. Kindle Customer

    While I never considered how much work it was to grow them perfectly it seem there is quite a bit. Knowing that Drew was the first person to greet Dixie into the world makes the story just like it was all meant to be!

  53. Bonnie Cook

    This was a sweet, small town love story. Both the world and character development were spot on. You could almost smell the lavender. I hope the next book is the same.

  54. Anna J

    The characters are realistic and relatable, and the book is a sweet and tender tale without any explicit content. The story follows Gretchen and her daughter Dixie as they return to their farming community after Gretchen’s husband dies in an accident. There, Gretchen reunites with Drew, and their story is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting series.I cannot wait to read more in the series and see what happens with other characters.

  55. Michaela

    It’s always interesting going back into an author’s back list, because you really don’t know what books you’re going to get. Are you going to get the type of books the author writes now? The long and thought through ones, or are you going to get shorter novellas with a different feel? I enjoyed the last series I went through by her, but it wasn’t the kind of caliber of books she writes now. So, I was understandably a tad wary, but I needn’t have been.A lovely start to a new series. I loved both the lavender and the ice cream angles. Super interesting to learn about them. I loved meeting so many characters in this town. I can’t wait to read more about them in upcoming books!

  56. Kindle Customer

    This is a truly sweet story of tragedy and happily ever after. Being lonely and raising a child by yourself and overcoming insecurities was put together in a very sweet book.

  57. Wren Woodland

    This has been on my TBR pile for a while, I kept seeing ads for it and pulled it up. He kept helping her when she really needed it. First to deliver her baby and 10 years later rescuing her from a flat tire on a deserted road while she’s now a widow. They had known each other as teens as he lived next door to her grandfather who she lived with in the summer. The walls around her heart are made of steel and impregnable -almost. Gretchen has a hard time trusting and yes Drew made a few mistakes but they learned to trust and not let silly things keep them apart. Clean and wholesome. Looking forward to the next book about Janey.

  58. Bobbie

    I want a trip to Hawthorne Harbor. The author makes it sound like such a nice place to visit. We have lavender farms in our area, and the descriptions in the book almost made me feel like I was visiting one of those farms. The fact the hero, Drew, is an EMT with a yearning to become Lavender King with his gourmet lavender ice cream recipe was an unexpected twist. I enjoyed all the characters. However, the relationship between Drew and Gretchen was so clean it squeaked. It made me want to shake both of them. If you like a well-written story that is squeaky-clean and sweet, you’ll enjoy this one.

  59. Roxie

    A sweet tale of a young widow with a daughter . who had that child delivered by an EMT by the highway when her husband was still.alive. Years later she moves back to that area and the same EMT has also moved back and saves her in another situation. They develop a sweet relationship along with her daughter’s approval. I read this book because of kindle unlimited and had not realised it was a clean author so no sex or mention of it. Well written and good storyline. Good enough that I went and ordered the second book in the series. Elan Johnson is a talented author.

  60. the reader K.

    I enjoyed this clean and warm romance. Great characters and storyline. This is a hard to put down book. I recommend this book for anyone.

  61. MarJ

    I enjoyed reading Drew and Gretchens love story. I wished it was a few chapters longer.I cant wait to read the second book in this series.

  62. Jennie Pendergast

    Enjoyed being with this author. Drew and Gretchen story was a step back in time for them both. He became her knight in shinning armour. She his wilting daisy who needed to be revived. Both had stuff to work through. Dixie was a real sweety who fell right in love with Drew at the very first. Gretchen it took a little longer but all came out right in the end.

  63. Ellen Adams


  64. Sandy

    Super sweet, simple, enjoyable, loving, second chance at a new romance, and adorable kids. This is the first book I’ve read in this series and I truly enjoyed it. It was refreshing and clean, but romantic too.

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