Book 5: The House on Seabreeze Shore – Audiobook

Book 5: The House on Seabreeze Shore – Audiobook

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Your next trip to Five Island Cove…this time to face a fresh future and leave all the secrets and fears in the past.

Join best friends, old and new, Robin, Alice, Eloise, Kelli, Laurel, and AJ as they learn about themselves, strengthen their bonds of friendship, and learn what it truly means to thrive.

Listen to this audiobook, narrated by Jill Smith, today!

Original price was: $14.99.Current price is: $9.99.
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Kelli is ready to make memories with her son in the house where she grew up. It needs a lot of work, but with the sunlight coming through the colorful stained glass windows, she’s confident she can do it. When she gets way over her head, she calls the people who she can rely on for anything.

Eloise is only a week away from tying the knot, but she shows up at the house on Seabreeze Shore with sandpaper and her fiancĂ©’s power tools. They get to work, only to find Kelli’s father’s will underneath a floorboard. What’s really in the will changes everything for Kelli and her mother.

Laurel, Alice, Robin, and AJ arrive just in time to help Kelli and Eloise decide what to do next. At least until the storm warning comes, and they all have to hunker down in a house that has very little food and not enough beds for everyone. As they worry about their loved ones, their bonds of friendship will be tested one more time, when one more devastating secret comes to light…

…all within the walls of the house on Seabreeze Shore.

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