Book 2: The Island Scandal – eBook

Book 2: The Island Scandal – eBook

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Ashley Fox has known three things since age twelve: she was an excellent seamstress, what her wedding would look like, and that she’d never leave the island of Getaway Bay. Now, at age 35, she’s been right about two of them, at least. Can Burke and Ash find a way to navigate a romance when they’ve only ever been friends?

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The Island House: A helicopter pilot, the woman whose house he's squatting in, and their journey toward their own beach wedding...

The Island Scandal: Two best friends, their hasty agreement, and the fake engagement that has the island of Getaway Bay in a tailspin...

The Island Hideaway: She's a synchronized swimmer looking to make some extra cash. He's a prince in hiding. When they meet in the "empty" mansion she's supposed to be housesitting, sparks fly. Can Noah and Zara stop arguing long enough to realize their feelings for each other might be romantic?

The Island Retreat: A doctor, a wedding planner, and a flat tire... Can Shannon and Jeremiah make a love connection when they work next door to each other?

The Island Escape: A rockstar, a woman who helps plan weddings and their journey toward happily-ever-after on the beaches of Hawaii!

The Island Storm: A wedding planner, a single dad, and a tsunami that brings them together. Can Cal and Lisa overcome the odds stacked against them?

The Island Wedding: A widower, a wedding consultant, and plenty of secrets that are bound to be discovered!

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $4.99.
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With an ill parent to take care of and her trusty sewing machine, Ash loves living in Getaway Bay and owning her own custom wedding dress shop. But the husband and wedding she’s always dreamed of? Those seem like they’re never going to happen for her.

When her best friend and beach running partner, Burke Lawson, asks her for a favor she says yes. If she’d have known he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend-for-a-night because his father insists he “settle down” before turning over the multi-billion dollar flower company to him, Ash might have said no.

Might have.

She’s had a crush on Burke for a while, but he’s never been serious about anyone. Ever. She knows it’s part self-preservation and part façade, but she has no idea how much she’s willing to jeopardize in their friendship for a shot at something more.

Burke has never told anyone about his past heart-crushing relationship, but he suspects Ash knows. She goes along with his player persona, but when he can’t stop thinking about having her as his girlfriend for more than one day, he wonders if he can take this fake relationship into something real.

And when he accidentally blurts that they’re engaged? They become an island scandal.

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7 reviews for Book 2: The Island Scandal – eBook

  1. S Edwards

    Things have been hectic and l was looking for something that held my attention and yet would be a delightful read. I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t wait to get back to it.

  2. Ginger Perkins

    We all have a past that affects our behavior. Burke and Ashley certainly have past heartbreaks that effect their actions and their relationship. Can these two best friends overcome parental pressure and find away to be honest with themselves and each other to find their happily ever after? Their emotional journey is worth the read.

  3. Tracey Evans

    If you love a love story then you need to read this series. Elana Johnson is one of the best writers I have read. Her books will make you laugh, cry, and put a smile in your heart.

  4. Wren Woodland

    Beautiful island beach story. Burke’s family flower farm raised flowers for the whole island and beyond. His dad wanted to retire and told Burke he needed a fiancé so he could pass the business on. He asked Ash his running partner/friend to be is fake girlfriend but it definitely didn’t feel fake. Could his heart be whole again after his last girlfriend ripped it out. Ash had crushed on him forever but couldn’t believe his feelings were real and not just a means to an end-his flower farm.

  5. Momma D

    Read this every second I could. Can’t wait to continue the series. The characters are lovely and I feel like I know them.

  6. Joann ME

    Friends to lovers, I love how this isn’t easy, parent pressure as usual. You can get so tangled up in these two lives, but they have their own issues to solve. A delight to watch the magic unfold.

  7. Kindle Customer JB

    Burke and Ash have both lived on the island all their lives and have been bar’s forever but Burke needs to find a wife in order to take over the family business per his father. Burke was stung 6 years ago and isn’t ready to make that kind of a commitment will his bff become his fake bride?

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