Book 1: The Lighthouse – eBook

Book 1: The Lighthouse – eBook

(84 customer reviews)

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After the death of a childhood loved one, 5 best friends reunite in the small coastal town of Five Island Cove. One doesn’t expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn’t prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the secrets they’ll uncover at the lighthouse…

As the truth comes to light, these five best friends will learn what really matters: friendship, family, and faith.

You’ll find a place to belong inside these friendships. These women will become YOUR new best friends! Escape to Five Island Cove with the first THREE books in the series by checking the box next to the price below. 

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Five Island Cove Boxed Set - eBook

Take a vacation any time of year in the seaside town of Five Island Cove! Meet five best friends as they reunite after years apart and rekindle their strong bond with one another, weather storms, and uncover secrets that have been lying dormant for decades...

This set includes the first 3 novels in the series from USA Today bestselling and Kindle All-Star Author Jessie Newton.

1. The Lighthouse: After the death of a childhood loved one, 5 best friends reunite in the small coastal town of Five Island Cove. One doesn't expect to find love with a high school crush. Another isn't prepared to find the strength she needs to take control of her life. And none of them are ready for the secrets they'll uncover at the lighthouse...

As the truth comes to light, these five best friends will learn what really matters: friendship, family, and faith.

2. The Summer Sand Pact: These five best friends made a Summer Sand Pact as teens and have only kept it once or twice—until they reunite decades later and renew their agreement to meet in Five Island Cove every summer. Get ready for more secrets to come to light in Five Island Cove, and for these five women to show each other what it means to love and support someone through thick and thin.

3. The Cliffside Inn: Spend another month in Five Island Cove and experience an amazing adventure between five best friends, the challenges they face, the secrets threatening to come between them, and their undying support of each other.

Original price was: $12.99.Current price is: $0.00.
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Now a USA Today bestseller!

When Joel Shields dies, Robin Grover’s only goal is to get her four best friends back to Five Island Cove to celebrate the life of Kristen’s husband. She alone has stayed in the cove while everyone else couldn’t wait to get away.

Alice Keller comes instantly, because her mansion in the Hamptons and her husband’s infidelity is smothering her. Not only that, but Kristen has always been like a mother to her, and she wants to support her.

Eloise Hall comes quickly too, because she’s not teaching at the university this summer, and she might as well visit her mother—and the house she secretly bought years ago. Her first night on the island, she runs into an old high school crush, and a flame ignites that hasn’t been there before.

But Kelli Thompson and AJ Proctor are more resistant, and as Robin, Alice, and Eloise uncover secret after secret in the books, journals, and files in Joel’s office, Robin becomes more determined to reunite them all.

When Kelli and AJ finally arrive in the cove, the women are embroiled in secrets the lighthouse has hidden for decades. Robin tries to hold them all together, but she too breaks down and admits that her perfect-on-the-outside life isn’t so perfect.

As these 5 best friends work together to find the truth, they must learn to let go of what doesn’t matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and most of all, friendship.

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84 reviews for Book 1: The Lighthouse – eBook

  1. Kindle Customer

    This story was fantastic and romantic,I didn’t want to put this book down it made you want to know what happened next.I am very disappointed that book two is pricey so I won’t be reading that one.

  2. Kindle reader

    Emotional. It will be a rocky road for them but will be interesting to see if they can put their lives together in a good way.

  3. Tommy B

    This is a very nice women’s story. Heartwarming with lots of thought provoking stories of the five women who come together after many years. They had been close friends as teens and as adults each went their own way. They come together to attend a friends husbands funeral. They rediscovered themselves and each other all over again—still friends and needing each others friendships. If you like women’s fiction you will enjoy this story.

  4. Susan D

    After the death Joel Shields a man who has played a great influence in each of their lives, five childhood friends return home to Five Island Cove for his funeral and to support his wife Kristen, who was a childhood mentor to all of them. Robin Grover an island resident, sets out to get her four best friends Alice Keller, Eloise Hall, Kelli Thompson and AJ Proctor to honor a pact they made as teenagers. The main theme of this book is that no one’s life is necessarily what it seems to others. Finding out secrets with regard to Joel, and the impact they had on each of their lives makes all of the main characters reevaluate what their current life means. Although this book had a satisfactory ending, I am looking forward to the second book of what appears to be if I book series, to determine what’s next which with each of these characters.

  5. Jim

    Loved the characters with all their quirky personalities who loved each other deeply. I wish I had kept in closer touch with my HS Friends more.

  6. Dana M. Chandler

    I really enjoyed reading the lighthouse. The relationships between the characters, and how the characters themselves develop throughout the story is engaging and connects with the reader emotionally. It was fun to see all the characters come out of their shell and build deeper relationships with each other.

  7. Luvmeags

    I didn’t really enjoy this book so much as was swept up by it. I don’t like books that leave so much up in the air so you have to keep reading the series in order to hopefully get some resolution. This book raises more questions than it answers and makes the deceased Joel, come across as the demon in everyone’s back story and the catalyst for the majority of the heartaches and sad life decisions each girl made or was forced into by circumstances. It’s hard to read, but hard to put down at the same time. I guess I will have to keep reading.

  8. GP

    It took me awhile to get into at the beginning & keep the characters straight in my mind but once past a few chapters I enjoyed the characters friendships & real life issues that these friends had over the years & can see myself reading the next book in the series to follow up on the characters lives again in this series. It is my first time reading this author & I will look forward to more of her books.Thank You Jessie Newton for sharing your Talent !

  9. the reader K.

    An emotional story of women who have known each other since high school. They. Reunite for a funeral of one thieHr husbands. Secrets are shared and lots of emotions . I recommend this book.

  10. JeanN

    This is a fairly entertaining read, but lacks depth. Big issues wrapped up too easily, and there are several – picky I realize – grammatical errors.


    I could not put this book down!! When through, there was the first two chapters of book 2. I did not know there were going to be 5 books! Now I have to wait for the rest to come out..dang! Great plot, super and important to me, no graphic sex! I am so tired of starting a book, liking it, only to find out the author only knows one word..”f!!!” which appears almost on every page and lots of sex. I wish there was some way those of us who would rather read a super book than the others could know contents before getting the book. I am finally wising up to the authors who write for those of you who enjoy the sex pages…that’s fine by me, and as I learn the authors who cater to you, I stay away from their books. Ms. Newton gave me lots of pleasure with The Lighthouse and I can hardly wait for the others to follow. Thank you , Jessica, I have put you on the pedestal with Wendy Wax, BBFrank, Inglath Cooper and others like them.

  12. Jeannette A.

    The Lighthouse is a story filled with desires, the desire of Robin to reunite with her friends from the Seafaring Girls and her desire to comfort Kristen after the death of her husband, Joel Shields. The four friends agree to come to Five Island Cove, some willingly and others reluctantly. In the course of their interactions they discover secrets that cause them to question their relationships with each other and with the man who was so prominent in their lives. It is a story that reveals how each of the women feel about their lives and follows their journeys throughout this time. A heartwarming story that is well written by Jessie Newton. Not an easy story as it explores how deeply unhappy people can be in spite of all the success that they have achieved but it also shows that when brought to the surface circumstances and feelings can be changed. An inspiring read.

  13. Lovely

    I have really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it. I love that it’s about friends. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. Off to the next book.

  14. Miran

    I was absolutely loving this series.I have enjoyed the characters and the plot that I have met so far and I’m hoping to get to know them better.I ended up reading this book in one day!

  15. JES

    The dynamics of relationships was great. The secrets uncovered and how they affected the six main characters showed how different personalities react. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

  16. Leslie preston

    Very sweet heartfelt story about best friends coming together. I do wish the ending was more complete but it was a great storyline and excellent character development

  17. VVV

    I’ve been a fan of this author for a long time as she writes under two other pen names. This is her first novel in the women’s fiction genre and I thought it was a great first effort. My favorite part of the book was the relationship between each of the female characters–old friends who are reconnecting after years apart. It took a while for them to open up to one another but when they did, they were supported and loved and understood. I look forward to seeing what comes next!

  18. billy tom

    I liked not knowing what would happen next. It was not predictable at all, so it kept me very interested.I would recommend the book to anyone.

  19. Amazon Customer

    I don’t quite know what to say about this book. It’s really kind of a strange story. I thought it was supposed to be a Christian story but faith never entered into the story. The secrets that caused such angst weren’t really all that bad. The ending was too abrupt for my taste. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading this book and forming their own opinion but I’m not sure I’d read another one by this author. The main character who died turned out to be a despicable man who adversely impacted the remaining characters lives. I still gave this 5 stars. Read it and form your own opinion.

  20. Amazon Customer

    This book brought back memories of friends and how we now after 53 years apart are reconnecting and I related to all of them and each ones secrets.

  21. Thorn3535

    I really enjoyed this book. There are so many different layers to it. I loved the setting and wanted to book a vacation there with my friends. The best of all – the characters! Such lovely women women, all dealing with their own issues, but ultimately finding their way back to unit of love and support they had been for each other when they were younger.

  22. Deanna L.

    Interesting all the lives and angles. Maybe one too many characters to keep track of. The lighthouse and beach sound like a wonderful place to spend summer and who doesn’t like lobster!

  23. Linda R

    I think this is the first book by this author. As others have said is is clean and heartfelt. These women were all urged to come home to support their mentor and friend after the death of her husband. Most of the women still had ties to the islands but hadn’t returned in years. The deceased had been a pack rat and as these women tried to help their mentor get through these difficult days it was quickly discovered that her husband had not been who she thought and as secrets were revealed it was like pulling a bandaid off slowly. But these girls had grown up together and their bond remained strong even after years of separation and their stories make a wonderful book. I look forward th the rest of this new series!

  24. ingirl249

    This is a light read but emphasizes the value of friendships and self evaluation. The six main characters meet under sad circumstances but renew their friendships and closeness from high school. Secrets are uncovered that affect their lives and leads towards self revelations. The book focuses on Identifying what’s important and what’s lacking in your life and having the guts to change.I will read the next book.

  25. ***Toy Collector***

    One of those books that really gets your brain thinking and the wheels turning is this one. Most individuals believe they know their partner well, but when a death occurs and secrets are revealed, it can seriously rock your world.The book is beautifully written, simple to read, and will hold your interest. The book demonstrates the importance of friendship. This is a story of strong women who won’t give up and the bond they form in remarkable.

  26. Truth seeker

    Fairly nice book about the intricate relationship’s between friends and family.It can be .a bit confusing at some points, particularly when the characters are first introduced.But it’s worth the read.You leave imagining you have made new friends!

  27. Alexia Janie Evans

    “The Lighthouse (Five Island Cove, book 1)” by Jessie Newton was a really good suspense novel. The death of Joel Shields brings these ladies back to Five Island Cove. Robin is the only one of the 5 friends that still lives there. She needs to get Kelli, Elloise, AJ, and Alice to come back for the funeral and to help Joel’s wife Kristen who was there for them when they were younger. Secrets come out ad lives will be changed.

  28. Guy Wheatley

    Five women return to the Five Islands for a funeral. They help their mentor, the wife of the man who passed away, get his papers and home in order. As they go through his papers, they discover he wasn’t the man they thought they knew.As a man, I’ve always be fascinated by the way women relate to each other and they way they view men. Reading this book let me feel as thought I was catching a glimpse behind the mysterious feminine curtain. I enjoyed the way these ladies worked through their trauma and reconnected.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Clean Sweet yet sad. You think you know people and you think you know your husband or wife but sometimes you are surprised as things come to the surface after you pass away. Interesting.

  30. Jeannette

    It was a good book it was a little sappy that was unnecessary. To much emotion not enough story. Not sure I will continue the series. Just did not pull me in enough to keep going.

  31. Sandy H

    After childhood friend, Joel Shields dies, five friends return to Five Island Cove for the funeral and to help his wife, Kristin. While cleaning out his things, several secrets are uncovered by Kristin, Robin, Alice, Eloise, AJ, and Kelly. An interesting look at dealing with problems of several sorts as well as renewing friendships and learning how to get along.

  32. Vonnie

    The characters in this story were relatable , enjoyable and interesting. Ok enjoyed this book and all its twists and turns.

  33. Laurel

    This was a clean but very sad book that starts the series of a group of girls. Now grown up, they come back for a funeral. So many secrets come out in bits and dabs. Each lady now having a mask on, hiding their real emotions. Now try to get through the funeral and revive their friendships.

  34. I H

    So many names of people. Confusing to me to know who is who. Book was somewhat Long windet. Regardless I struggled through it. Never figured out who cheated with him and what relations to the group of friends. On to the next book

  35. Doggonefool

    Wow! There were so many featured characters on this story, I’m not going to try to list them. And LOTS of female angst, not the book of you’re looking for cheer. That being said, this IS a tale of strong bonds and strong women

  36. Conchita C.

    I’ve read the 1st and 3rd books in this series. Character development and interaction are well done. It is a feel good narrative despite them all facing some tough revelations and events. I like the way they support one another and are still close to their former Seafaring Girls troop leader who led them as girls and continues to be an important part of their lives. It is a series that should be read in sequence. I read the 3rd book many months after the first and it took me several chapters to realize these were the same characters I met in the 1st book. I found the books well worth my time to read.

  37. Dinidoodle

    I enjoyed this book so much, and found myself reading straight through to the end! It was interesting to learn about each of these ladies, the triumphs, the ups and downs of their lives, and the love they all shared with each other. Having moved from one end of the US to the other and then marrying a USN man and moving to a number of Naval bases, I have always wondered what it would be like to have life long friends. I did however enjoy meeting people from all over, and always was lucky to find a few special friends each place we lived, and it was wonderful to live in so many varied and beautiful areas. I guess I’m a gypsy at heart, but I always wondered…….and now maybe I know. Thank you so much, Jessie Newton! Back in the day we didn’t have the internet, it was snail mail or expensive long distance phone calls, moving all the time made it very difficult to keep in touch. Book 2 in the series is now in my library and Book 3 is preordered. I strongly recommend giving this series a read, all the little twists and turns and surprises will have you captivated.

  38. Coffeebreakwhatever

    This was a wonderful heartfelt, emotional, life learning story! I really enjoyed it. Five girlfriends in high school and now in their late 40s come together over an issue that helps them each learn about each other as well as themselves. I wish I had five friends like that! And I never thought I’d say this but I am going to search for books 2 through five! Normally I don’t like series books because the first one ends in an annoying fashion. However, this one ended with all five of the girls figuring things out going back home to make the life they want for themselves. I’m anxious to hear how each one of them fares. Normally when I read the first book, it’s not usually as decisive as this one is. Which makes me not want to bother looking for the next in the series, but I will be looking for this one

  39. Mary Soelberg

    An in depth look into the lives of five women and their long time mentor. Coming together to support the woman who has always been there for them as she dealswith the death of her husband proves to be complicated, exhausting and painful. A fascinating saga though not recommended for anyone in need of something light or humorous.

  40. CajunBear

    Friends made when you were young can last forever if you work at it. This is a wonderful story of people that had been friends since high school. A funeral brought then together to support someone that cared about them in their youth. And support each other, they did beautifully. Dont miss reading thus book. It was so refreshing.

  41. Linda L.

    This is a wonderful book especially for mature women. It is about enduring friendships and forgiveness and loads of love. It was like a looking glass into my own life on Cape Cod. It touched my heart and will touch yours too.

  42. MaryEllen2151

    I liked the story but there were.too many characters. I had to hKeep reviewing to figure out who was speaking.

  43. FranfromFL

    I enjoyed this book a great deal. As other reviewers have pointed out, it was hard to keep track of all of the characters. I wrote a list of who’s who and that helped. I liked the character development. It seems that the six ladies knew each other a lot better than any of them knew Kristen’s husband Joel. It is a mystery why he left behind all of that paperwork that would reveal his hidden deeds. It seems no one really knew him, especially his wife. It was a sad story but yet these strong ladies handled the secrets and trauma very well. I would recommend this book and wish I had friends like that!

  44. Scarlettrhett

    A well written, thoughtful book. The friendship between these women is deep and abiding. Everyone should have lifelong friends like these. The storyline shows just how much can be withstood when a friendship runs so deep. Kristens life is turned upside down by her husband Joels death and the secrets uncovered. Her girls, five women she cared for during their teenage years, come home to the island to help her through.

  45. Carol Simmons

    To have five different personalities and life style and have a author who can capture each one blend each life together forever, makes a reader like me wanting to read every book.

  46. Kindle Customer

    So often, an ‘easy read’ has little substance. Not so with The Lighthouse!! Jessie draws her characters so well that she draws you right in. I not only wanted to know them, I wanted to be a part of their ‘pack.’ Pacing was engaging throughout. This was a hard one to put down. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

  47. Kindle Customer

    Five close friend meet for the funeral of Kristen’s husband give year battle with cancer. The group has come to lend support to Kristen was a good person who supported everyone. As Kristen ‘s friends help her get her life in order, the group learn the secrets Joel has managed to keep hidden .

  48. stlgem

    There were a lot of characters to get to know and at times I grew impatient. As I’ve never had a group of childhood female friends I liked entertaining the thought that others do.


    A good read for those who enjoy a good story about interesting woman. A step above the “cozy” stories so popular now.

  50. Char R

    A great deal of angst, a few transformative aha moments, tears, laughs and love. What more could you want? Well for starters, looking for 3 of them to move on from their going nowhere dragging me down relationships. Hoping books#2 starts there.

  51. Susan Aylworth

    …but Joel seems to have more than most, and the fool kept records of most of them, records his wife begins to uncover following his death.The story reveals a plethora of such secrets as five women who grew up together come back to Diamond Island and its lighthouse to help their mentor deal with her husband’s passing.Kristen, the new widow, and each of the five women she mentored, all have questions and decisions to face. Each finds it easier to cope when surrounded and supported by the others.The lighthouse stands in the center of it all, strong as their bond, a beacon bringing them home.If you enjoy good women’s fiction with powerful women, even stronger bonds, and a lovely beach setting, this book will resonate for you.,

  52. Birdie

    I’m not one to read books that are part of a series. But I have made an exception. These High School friends who grew up on the water are now grown adults have now become “my’ friends. They all came back to support Kristen who supported all of them when they were in high school. I won’t spoil the story with any details other than to say this was a great read. The story line and characters are so real. The setting won my heart. I now want to move to an island, live there all my days – but only with friends as dear as these ladies. I can’t wait to read the second book, which I just sent to my Kindle. Enjoy!

  53. Rebecca McDonald

    Was a good summer read. Will definitely read the next in the series to find out what direction these ladies decided with their future.

  54. Michelle

    This was an interesting first read of this author. It was entertaining enough that I did get the rest of the series. I liked the friendship quality among the 5-6 ladies that seemed to endure even after they had left high school and had been each on their own for a period of years. I hope to enjoy the rest of the series!

  55. LeeAnn

    Best friends in school, separated by life for 30years come together for a funeral.They get reacquainted and share all their personal lives and regrets. We can all relate to one or more of the stories. Not my usual read, but it kept my interest to the end. Still not sure I’m curious enough about them to read book 2.I’m more of a thriller/mystery reader.

  56. Virginia Jones

    I’m looking forward to reading more stories about this group of friends who were like sisters while growing up. Then as they left the island to get on with their lives they sorta drifted apart. Only Robin continued to live there. With the death of the husband of the couple who nurtured these girls during their teens they returned to the island for the funeral. Secrets then surfaced that affected all of them.

  57. CathyJ

    I enjoyed this book about women who were close friends in high school and come back home again for a funeral for Joel, who was married to a beloved older woman figure. Reading about their personalities and seeing how they picked up their friendships decades later kept me turning the pages. The scenery and the lighthouse added to this entertaining read and so did unraveling some secrets Joel had taken with him to the grave.

  58. Mary Mac

    The story line was intriguing; loved the long-lasting friendships between the now older girl friends; time had passed but the love & support for each other was heartfelt. The story taking place on an island filled with the memories of youth, held the mysterious outcome of changes that happen with marriages, children, physical distances between good friends and life. I enjoyed the character developments and the life bonds between the women!

  59. Dennwins

    I read the second book in this series, first, but, things were missing, so I came back to read #1. This series is so real life, friends, missing friends for years, then catching up at something like a funeral. And it’s a fine reminder to all of us, especially women, that our expectations change as we age, our view of ourselves changes as we age, as circumstances change, that we never thought would, our view of the world, our world, and others, change. And what a gift to be reunited. in even the most difficult situations. And, yes, my friends, SECRETS CAN KILL…our intimacy, our friendships, our families. .Share, speak the truth. On to #3.

  60. David Vozenilek

    I very much enjoyed the friendship among the 6 women and the storyline that rocked their world but caused them to be there for each other. Definitely a nice read and would recommend to anyone. Love this author under any of her names! Patti V.

  61. Shirlynn Buck

    The Lighthouse is a superb blending of old friendships, marital trials and tribulations and the revelation of secrets of the past. As the Seafaring Girls reunite to console their mentor and second mother after her husband’s death, many memories of the past resurrect with unforgettable impact on their future. As more secrets unfold and a romance begins the reader discovers old friendships are never lost. It is a delightful read.

  62. Granda

    Great Great story I really enjoyed this page turner. I couldn’t put it down.How heartwarming to have such great friends. I would recommend it.Great authorThank you

  63. Deb

    Very sweet story about good friends. Well worth the read. Very upbeat and positive even though it was based around a funeral.

  64. Kindle Customer vicki page6840@yahoo

    ????getting to know the characters and their relationships is tremendous interesting and the continuity within the story is encouraging to continue reading

  65. Kindle Customer

    Wow can not even accurately express all that is going on in the cove! These women are entwined together. They all have insecurities, they all have dreams and they all are having their worlds racked apart as death brings secrets to life. You will not want to put this down so make sure you start it early in the day ~

  66. Kindle Customer

    Loved all the characters in this book. They put up with the very good times they all had growing up there on the island as well as all the hard times they all went through together and alone. Can’t wait for the next one to read in the series.

  67. Diane Griffin

    Great read! I could feel for Kristen and what she went though because I traveled that same road after my husband died 15=Years ago. This book made me feel just like I felt 3 months after my husband died.

  68. Buena

    A good girls week read. It carried you along and kept you engaged. In the end the secrets weren’t such big deals.

  69. Anna J

    This book explains how each of the women feel about their lives and follows their journeys during this time, I appreciate how they support one another despite experiencing difficult truths and occurrences. No one’s life is necessarily what it seems to others!!!Overall great read, I eager to read other books in the series.

  70. C. Hunter

    Everyone has secrets. Secrets that you never tell and they eat you up inside. And they change how you live your life. And then you find out that things are not what you thought they were and you have to figure out how to learn how to live life with a new paradigm.The characters are fully fleshed out and worked seamlessly into a storyline that will pull at your heartstrings. Set in a location that is carefully created so as to see it in your mind’s eye, and makes you wish you were there. There’s a gamut of emotions from happiness, sadness, surprise and more waiting for you.

  71. Kindle Customer Constance

    Rather hard to keep characters identified but once they were recognizable it made sense. Definitely a chick flick story. Enjoyable.

  72. Auds

    The 5 Seafaring Girls reunite for the death of their high school leader’s husband. Issues surrounding marriage unfaithfulness, relationship troubles, family dynamics all come out. The characters are interesting as is the way they react to and deal with all the issues. I enjoyed this story. While it’s the beginning of a series, I felt it concluded well and didn’t leave you wondering.

  73. Jill

    Read on how a group of friends return to their roots and learn about secrets each had suffered. Read on to see if friendships can overcome and be a lighthouse for each other.

  74. C. Stanford

    I enjoyed this and might eventually read the next Five Island Cove books, but having just finished book 1, I have to say that there were too many characters and Islands to keep up with, and every page had multiple girlfriend hugs and some tears. The women friends gathered for a funeral and discovered things about the deceased and about themselves that changed their lives. Good story for women who understand the need and value of having close friends, but I did stay confused about who and where and what much of the time.

  75. Theresa McVay

    Fantastic realistic characters and life events. I felt like I was living in the wonderful Northeast island setting experiencing their life stories. Wonderfully moving.

  76. Quiltlady805

    This is the first book I’ve read by this author. It is excellently written. I could not put it down. I could almost smell the sea water and here the waves as I read. The author has a great sense of her characters and their emotions when they gather to support a woman that had an important role in their teen years. Each has a story to tell with lots of secrets. I look forward to reading more about the characters I’ve become attached to. I laughed and cried at times while they all attached to my heart.

  77. imcrit

    Makes me sad I went through high school without building any strong relationships. . Very good story weave. may need a trip to east coast

  78. Angelina Kennedy

    The Lighthouse (Five Island Cove Book 1) is a captivating cozy mystery set in a quaint coastal town. The characters are charming and the plot keeps you guessing until the end. Perfect for a weekend read by the fire!

  79. Kathy

    Thanks for the book.

  80. Coffee Chat (verified owner)

    Enjoyed reading this story.

  81. Nancy Carey

    I read the book and enjoyed it immensely. The characters were all closely knit together and I look forward to reading the rest of them later. Thanks for the book and maybe I can help again later.

  82. Donna (verified owner)

  83. Lisa (verified owner)

  84. Denise W. (verified owner)

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