Book 1: The Love List – eBook

Book 1: The Love List – eBook

(75 customer reviews)


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Beatrice Callahan loves lists. Sometimes she even makes a to-do list of things she’s already done, just to go check, check, check and feel accomplished. So it’s easy to understand why, when her divorce is finally final and her ex is all moved out, Bea takes a cool, close look at her life…and makes a list. Bea turns to her lists when things get confusing and her love list morphs once again… Can she add fall in love at age 45 to the list and check it off?

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Book 2: The Paradise Plan - eBook

Cassandra Haslam loves plans. Lunch plans, wedding plans, and floor plans—they all bring her joy. In fact, she's had her entire life planned out—career, marriage, and family—since age ten. She's smart, hard-working, and a real go-getter, and everything has fallen into place so far.

Until her husband dies suddenly, right when she's about to enjoy the fruits of all of her hard work and planning, leaving Cass reeling and...well, without a plan.

When her youngest graduates three months later, making her an empty-nester as well as a widow, Cass decides it's time to make a new plan for herself.

It's not a back-up plan.

It's a paradise plan.

With one of her best friends now living in Hilton Head, Cass makes a move and purchases a piece of waterfront property on the island. It's the perfect place to build her paradisiacal life and her new self as she designs and constructs a beautiful beach house.

But when she injures herself—not in the plan, by the way—she meets general-contractor-turned-doctor Harrison Tate. He helps her out of a jammed thumb, a sprained ankle, and a bruised ego.

When he keeps showing up unannounced at her construction site, sometimes with her favorite pastries, Cass starts to wonder if she should add him to her daily routine... If she does, will her perfectly laid out plans fall short of paradise? Or could she find her new life and a new love, all without any plans at all?

Book 3: The Seaside Strategy - eBook

Lauren Keller understands strategies. She adores them and never enters a marketing meeting without Strategy A, B, and C tucked away in the back of her mind. She's one of the top executives at her firm...until it all comes crashing down with the news that her boss has been stealing money from their clients for almost a decade.

After narrowly escaping indictments herself, Lauren finds herself, at age 43, standing in the parking lot of her office building, a box with a stapler, a sad plant, and a couple of photos as her only companions.

She needs a new strategy, and she decides she can map everything out from the beaches of Hilton Head.

It's not an exit strategy.

It's a seaside strategy.

Relax more. Worry less. Find out what she really wants in her life.

While trying to do that, all with the ocean breeze and her friends for support, Lauren meets Blake Williams. The man is movie-star gorgeous, witty, and looking for someone to help him run his successful financial planning business on the island.

But Lauren doesn't want to work for him, especially not in strategic investments. She's had enough of the high-profile, corporate life. Can she strategically insert herself into Blake's life without compromising her seaside strategy and finally get what she really wants...love and a lasting relationship?

Book 4: The Beach Blueprint - eBook

Joy Bartlett needs a blueprint before she takes a single step in any direction. She loves seeing what she's getting into before committing, and moving 1200 miles from Texas to South Carolina just because half of her Supper Club has doesn't mean she's going to start packing boxes.

She is terribly lonely in Sweet Water Falls without Bea, Cass, and Lauren, and as another member of their monthly dinner party gets ready to leave Texas in the rear-view mirror, Joy starts creating her own blueprint.

After all, she doesn't want a Blueprint for Survival.

She wants a beach blueprint.

One that lays out how her life will look and feel, right down to the tiny nooks and crannies if she decides to uproot herself and leave her family and her heritage and join her friends on Hilton Head Island.

There is a strong influence in her life, pulling her toward the beach and island life: a sexy, strong landscaper named Scott Anderson. He's asked her out several times, but Joy has turned him down every time.

When she hears that he's going to take someone else to dinner, the thought flies against everything in Joy's baby beach blueprint - because Scott's a big player in that. So she texts him and makes it clear that she doesn't want him to go out with anyone...except her.

Thus, a long-distance relationship between Joy and Scott begins, and Joy's blueprint starts to get messy. Very messy.

Can she figure out how to arrange all of the pieces in her life in a way that makes sense? Or will she find herself cut off from everyone who's ever been important to her?

Book 5: The Tropical Ticket - eBook

Bessie Clifton adores baking. With her daughter Wynona by her side, she's turned her passion for the perfect loaf of bread into a dream for a bakery. They move to Hilton Head Island and work to get their shop open with the help of Bessie's five best friends.
It's not just a relocation.

It's a reinvention.

Bessie's life has been all about kneading dough, raising her daughter, and supporting her Supper Club ladies, but she's never felt truly loved or appreciated for her gifts. As she settles into island life, she's determined to make the most of this opportunity and discover what she's been missing.

Enter Oliver Blackhurst, the grumpy owner of The Mad Mango smoothie shop. Bessie's sunshine and warmth seem to clash with his prickly exterior. But when they get paired up to participate in the Island Heritage Festival, Bessie and Oliver find that their contrasting flavors create an irresistible chemistry.

As Bessie's bakery becomes the talk of the town, Oliver's walls begin to crumble, revealing a man who's experienced his share of heartache. Bessie wonders if her reinvention could provide the tropical ticket to true love with the island's most enigmatic bachelor.

Will Bessie's journey to self-discovery lead her to the love she's always craved? Can Oliver let go of his past and embrace the warmth that Bessie brings to his life? 

Savor the sweetness of new beginnings and the spice of unexpected romance in The Tropical Ticket by USA Today bestselling author Elana Johnson!

Book 6: The Waterfront Way - eBook

Sage Grady is a master of transformation. She's a seasoned hairstylist who's perfected the art of change, one cut and color at a time. Yet, her own life has started to feel somewhat monotonous, almost like she's stuck in someone else's style–and she needs to shake things up.

It's not a mid-life crisis.

It's a new way of thinking, of living.

With her sister and her Supper Club friends at her side, Sage decides to return to her roots: Texas. No, she's not moving back there. But she wants the vibrancy and adventure each new day can bring that she had when owned a hobby farm in the Coastal Bend.

Sage just needs to find the right patch of land on Hilton Head Island to build her new waterfront way of life.

So she needs Tyler Parker, the man she's had exactly one date with, months ago. Ty's a real estate mogul who knows the value of every inch of Hilton Head Island, where every for-sale piece of property is, and exactly how to make Sage's dreams come true.

Her real estate dreams.

He's made a fortune flipping properties and developing luxury resorts. Yet beneath his polished exterior is a man who's been burned by love, and he's built walls higher than any of his skyscrapers.

As Sage snips, styles, and sashays her way into Ty's heart, she discovers that her way of life isn't the only transformation happening.

Can Sage and Ty navigate their contrasting worlds to create a happily-ever-after? Will they find that the path to true love doesn't always follow the path most trod, but might just be discovered through...the waterfront way?

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It’s not exactly a bucket list.

It’s a love list.

Bea loves the outdoors, so she puts visit 10 National Parks on the list.

She loves animals, and on goes get a puppy.

She loves the beach, and she adds take a dream vacation to the list, and decides to do that one first. After all she’s been through and all she’s lost, she needs time to relax, rest, and reset.

On the first day she arrives in Hilton Head Island, she meets Grant Turner, the man whose house she’s renting for her fabulous beach vacation. He’s just there to make sure she settles in properly and has enough towels.

But when Bea asks for recommendations around the island, Grant quickly becomes her tour guide and then a friend and then…more than friends.

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75 reviews for Book 1: The Love List – eBook

  1. happy

    So,it’s a wonder to make lists. Sure was wonderful how the list helped with a decision. What a great way to have friends and be supportive.

  2. Lori Sang

    I enjoyed this book and so glad it had a happy ending since it started on such a sad tone.Bea and Grant are wonderful characters. The ups and downs of their life experiences were very relatable. I like that they both embraced the second chance to love again. Their family and friends were great supporting characters too. Bea’s Supper Club friends were the best friends any woman could ever wish for. They each have their own life drama to deal with but they were still supportive and great friends to each other. This was such a feel good story of second chances and the wonderful bond of family and friendships.Thanks AEJ Creative Works via NetGalley for the ARC.

  3. Patti Mac

    This is about finding love unexpectedly after being thrown over from young marriages. The story is clean and different from the usual run-of-the-mill romance. Bea and Grant never expected to find love so suddenly but yet it happened. This is their story and its a good one.

  4. D’Launa

    This book was a great start for the series! I can’t wait until the next one is out.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Wonderful love story. It was nice to read of an older couple romance. 40+ is definitely not old these days. And sadly there are many divorced people out there, looking for the right one. This story I believe helps those who wonder if they’ll ever find their soulmate. I was blessed to find mine. I didn’t like all the backh stories if the Supper Club ladies, especially when none had a happy ending. I’m assuming the author will write a happily ever after story about each of them. For those like me, who reads a book a night, who can’t afford to buy every e-book, we’ll never know their romantic endings. I enjoyed seeing Bea check off her love list items, but I didn’t like it being called love list. Maybe “To Live Again” list would have been great. My opinion only. Ha! I was very happy to find a clean modern day romance. Kudos to this author.

  6. J G

    This was awesome. I liked the author’s writing style: engaging and believable characters, a fascinating setting in Texas and the scenic beach scene in South Carolina, vivid details which incorporated lots of imagery, and a heartfelt storyline that made me misty-eyed towards the end with a smattering of laughter throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the amusing narrative.

  7. Patty

    Great read to see supportive friends in helping Bea navigate her new normal.

  8. DGL

    This story of second chances, and later life romance was satisfying. Well written, I enjoyed not only the romance between Bea and Grant, but also the Supper Club friends, and the ways they support and love one another. Looking forward to more in this series.

  9. Katherine Kerr

    Was a wonderful book if someone likes to read ALL details. I did enjoy it LOTS but skipped long descriptions. Will check for more of her books. Thanks

  10. Virginia Jones

    Such a fun book to get lost in. A variety of characters that bring life to the story. Can’t wait to read the next book in this series.I love this author’s books and have read many of them.

  11. Topmom52

    Great book in a new series. With her divorce final, Bea goes to Hilton Head Island to work on her “love list”. Grant was not on her list and totally unexpected. Bea and Grant are such well written characters that I felt right there with them. Her friends are her support and they are described so well. This second chance romance is a wonderful read, can’t wait for the next one, and highly recommend it.I received a free copy of this book and this is my voluntary, honest review.

  12. Ashton01

    I really enjoyed this story about Bea and Grant and having a second chance at love a little later in life. Things are never easy with so many friends and families involved, but Bea’s friends are an amazing support system and help her navigate fostering a new relationship several states away. Wonderful chemistry between the leads and terrific supporting cast who I’m guessing we’ll see in later stories make me eager to see what happens in the next story!

  13. LCsigns4u

    I love Bea’s idea of a “Love” list. I am a maker of lists myself but not to her extent. Grant is the perfect man for her and I am so happy she is getting her happily ever after. Grant deserves a woman who makes him happy, also. I wish we had met his daughter in this book but maybe she will show up in another. I always love books by Elana Johnson.

  14. ray and marylee

    Fun read. After divorce, life can begin again. A trip away changes everything. New experiences and meeting a special person. Wonderful friends that encourage the changes. Love can come again.

  15. M4G8

    This is a wonderful new story from an author I enjoy. Bea is recently divorced and her friends have been there through it all and are very important to her. They push her to leave her comfort zone and it all turns out just wonderfully. I don’t want to give the story away so I won’t go into details but I love the dynamics of the friends, how they all try to hide themselves but the others know who they truly are. There are friends, there is a man and a woman and there are trials and tribulations. Good clean sweet romance but it’s mostly about Bea and her life.

  16. Mindy Clayton

    I really enjoyed this story and the characters. Having characters that are a little older gives them so much depth and interest. Her friends are great characters and I hope that they will be featured in their own books because I want to know more.

  17. Audrey

    Great start to a series. Love the idea of a women’s supper club where they are close and support each other.

  18. Kristen Lewendon

    Sometimes the scariest things we have to do are also the most rewarding. Now with grown children and a broken marriage behind her, Bea is starting over at a time in her life when she should be enjoying the rewards of all her hard work. I adored the way Bea took on the challenges of this new phase in her life. Things she wanted to do but hadn’t while she was still with her ex? Those go at the top of the list to accomplish first. And I loved that she was willing to step outside of her comfort zone and take little risks with Grant. I’m also a little in love with the supporting cast around this pair. They’re all vibrant characters and I want to read more about each and every one of them.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.

  19. G.G.

    I enjoyed this book of second chances and the fellowship of women who challenge, love, and care for each other. I’ve never officially made a bucket list, but I enjoyed reading about Bea’s and the fact she called it her “Love List”–things she’d love to do in her life! Her friends help her along by booking a getaway vacation for her, and now that she’s in this new stage of her life, she begins to enjoy life and the friendly Grant who owns the beach house she’s renting. But they live so far away from each other, and what with family obligations, can it ever work out? As Bea begins to step out into the adventure of life, I thoroughly enjoyed the encouragement she received from her friend, “Run with it, not from it.” I’ve been able to apply this to my current life circumstances as I’m going through some health challenges. I also enjoyed that this book’s main characters were 40-somethings. A fun and uplifting book of second chances that I heartily recommend–a perfect summer beach read! I received a complimentary ARC of this book and have voluntarily given my honest opinion in this review.

  20. di115

    I want a love list, I already have five things I want to put on it. What a wonderful idea and a beautifully written book. This was an enjoyable read that made you feel good and showed you that you can find love even when you are not looking. I love Bea’s friends, they are there for her and are willing to help her figure things out. I would recommend this book to all. I received an arc and the views and opinions are my own.

  21. Kylene Roberts

    When I first read the blurb about this book, I didn’t think I would like it. But I forgot about the writing ability of Elana Johnson. I really was engrossed in this book and it made me rethink my own divorce. I was of the mind when my marriage ended after twenty years, that I was one and done. Ironically my marriage ended over a women named Beatrice, you got to find humor in that. I wish I knew about a love list then. Now I wonder what I missed. Bea realized that she had put herself in a box that she needed to get out of. I loved the characters in this book, especially Bea and Grant and their tribe of friends. Excellent read and you will not be disappointed in the reading of this book. I was given this book by the author, to give a honest review. I can hardly wait for Cass’s story.

  22. Dawn Foster

    The Love List is the first book in the Hilton Head Island series, and the first book from this author that I have read. I found this story of starting over from divorce a sweet and wonderful book to read, and enjoyed following Bea and Grant’s story. I am looking forward to reading more from this author and the next book in this series.

  23. ElliB

    Love the author’s writing style. A well written book. It has a wonderful storyline. This is truly a must read.

  24. Jackie Powell

    The author keeps the story moving along at just the right pace. The characters are believable, good story!Didn’t want it to be over!

  25. MaryEllen

    This is my voluntary review of a copy I received from the author.The friend characters are mostly supportive and obviously love each other, even if they keep secrets and each is in different situation in their private lives.The main male character had acquaintances, not real friends, or so he thinks.Neither is looking for a relationship and a long distance one even less, and when things are calling her back home… well that’s it. Right?

  26. M.W.

    I really enjoyed reading this book about the bonds of friendship and romance. Bea went through a difficult divorce and when she receives the final papers, she felt out of sorts on wondering what she will do next in her life. Her unique knack for making lists to keep her on track was named “The Love List”. Bea’s friends encourage her to get away, and even books the trip for her to Hilton Head to enjoy the beach. I enjoyed the “sisterhood ” of the women and the way they helped each other when faced with challenges. Their love for each other is amazing. I totally recommend reading this book especially if you are a hopeless romantic!!!!????

  27. Tanya E

    Filled with Southern Charm, tropical settings and a group of fabulous middle-aged women, The Love List couldn’t be any sweeter!I loved all the women and I wonder if any of them will be featured in Book 2?Romance and Women’s Fiction readers will be delighted with this new series. So much fun!

  28. Wren Woodland

    What an amazing fun beach read. Six women that have a Saturday Night Dinner Club and help each other through all of life’s ups and downs. Bea was suddenly left adrift after her husband found someone new after 25 years and her 3 kids grown and in university and making their own lives. After a 14 month divorce process she’s free to have a Love List -not a bucket list, but things she would love to do. The friends arranged for her to go to Hilton Head island for a 10- day getaway. Her cottage manager is Grant, a handsome 40 something with a teenager daughter. Both felt something they hadn’t dared even dream they would feel again. Life happens and family happens and they wonder if it really was just a vacation fling.This is a clean beach read, but with real feelings and sizzle. Life and love can happen after 40.

  29. debbie

    This is a great midlife read. Not a paranormal one like I usually read but a beach one and i loved it. 45 years old, newly divorced and kids got their own lives what’s a lady to do? Start a list of what you would love to do and follow it. That’s exactly what Bea does and so finds herself on Hilton Head island and a fantabulous beach vacation. Throw in a tall, dark and handsome vacation manager and you have yourself a sweet clean romance with a couple that have great chemistry which just proves there is life after 40!!

  30. CALLY1999

    This story is a wonderful, endearing tale of a woman who is trying to unstick her life from being stuck in “boring, normal, not-needed” mode. She uses lists for anything and everything in her life and her “love list” tells about it all (so I wont). I enjoyed the characters and felt like I was right there in the middle of the women’s group meetings and right along the beach at Hilton Head. Elana Johnson is the bestest and never disappoints in her story telling. I highly recommend this book if you want to have some laughs, tears, joy, sorrow, and a “just-plain feel good feeling.

  31. Karen L

    Bea has just received her final divorce papers at 45, has empty nested and is lonely. She has spent her life writing lists so she does forget anything. Her lists have lists. She writes up a bucket list that she calls her lovelist. Her Thursday night supper club makes reservations and ship her off to Hilton Head to go in the ocean. Mind you, the ocean is an hour drive out of her home in Texas. Where is she going to meet someone her age? She meets Grant, the rental owner of her cottage and is he enamored with her! The problem is that they live a few thousand miles away from each other. She is called home when her father falls and breaks his hip. Issues, issues and issues….. what to do. Well, she has a posse that don’t find it beneath them to plot.Well written and a very enjoyable read for this old lady!I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

  32. J Marion

    Bea is 45 years old and her divorce has been finalized. Bea is a list person so she makes a “bucket” list of things she’s going to do when the divorce is finally settled. As she’s thinking about it, she realizes that it should be a love list instead.Some of the things on her list include walking on the beach, getting her hair cut, flying a kite.She is part of a Ladies Supper Club that meets once a month. Her friends tell her she needs to walk on a different beach so they get her a beach cottage in Hilton Head. Grant is the landlord so he is there to check her in and fix anything that she needs.She isn’t looking for love, but she and Grant find that they have a lot in common. Great book on friendship and realizing it’s never too late to fly a kite.

  33. LisaLisa

    The love list will draw you right in with the story of Bea & starting over. From her friendships & the supper club, to her meeting Grant. You will root for her & enjoy her building & completing The love list! This is a fun easy to read book of love & life!

  34. Susan M Jalosky

    A new series by one of my favorite authors! I love that these women are middle aged and not young just starting their lives. Each of these women have unique characteristics and life experiences. Change is inevitable. Grab this book today! You won’t be disappointed! I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book and this is my honest review.

  35. E. Littke

    I liked Bea’s love list. I liked her relationship with Grant. I liked her group of friends and how they support each other. I liked seeing Hilton Head from owner and visitor perspectives. I have read other books from this author and will read more. I did receive an ARC from the author.

  36. Marilyn

    I really enjoyed this clean beach romance. Bea has gone through a long drawn out divorce and is finally free. Her friends encourage her to get away. One of them books a trip to Hilton Head. Grant is the manager of the property that she rents. They fall for each other almost immediately. When her vacation is up, she travels to her college daughter’s recital then something happens to her dad that interrupts her plans. She decides to break up but will love conquer all?I received an ARC of this book and am giving an honest review.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Deep kisses are about the closest you get to explicit sex so this is definitely clean romance. A large cast of characters who are connected. The point of view changes throughout the book which at first is confusing. But you get used to it. Overall good read but not one id reread.

  38. Kindle Customer Betty Cousins

    A great story involving mid life crisis, relationship failures, New experiences and new beginnings. Loved Bea’s and Grant’s story. Grant is something else and Bea is lucky.

  39. Jeannine Wickliffe

    Bea loves making lists about everything but her best list is her love list. This is the list of things she wants to do once her divorce is finalized. Thanks to her friends, Bea is on her way to Hilton Head after her divorce is finalized. She just plans to walk on the beach, and think about her new life. Then she meets Grant who manages the house she is renting. Sparks fly but can they last since Grant lives on Hilton Head and she lives in Texas. When she leaves Hilton Head to return to Texas for her Daughters graduation and wedding planning party, Bea’s intentions are to return to Hilton Head but then her father breaks his hip and Bea decides she must stay in Texas. Will Bea continue with her love list but forget her love for Grant, or will fate and friends bring the two together again?

  40. Annette M. Burnett

    Bea has created a list of new experiences to try as she starts her new life as a single woman. This story has all of my favorite aspects of a fun, romantic second chance romance.

  41. Michaela

    I really enjoyed this start to a new series. I was a bit worried about the main genre being women’s fiction and that it wouldn’t have enough romance for my liking, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the vacation island setting and can’t wait for more of this series!I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  42. Sharonsmith2405@gmail

    Really lovely book,sweet story easy to read kept me coming back for more.Can’t wait to read the next book soon

  43. S.Abreau

    Great story about starting over after divorce, having good friends by your side, and finding love when you aren’t even looking for it! 5 amazing stars for this one!Bea’s divorce is finally final, and while meeting up with her friends, they find her a place to just take a break and get away. Hilton Head it is, by herself for ten days. She’s got her list of things to experience from her friends, so she sets out to get them done.Grant has been divorced for a few years now, he’s looking forward to his daughter coming to visit for the summer. When he stops to check in on one of the properties he manages, he meets Bea, and there is just somethin so refreshing about her, not to mention things going wrong in her rental!These two hit it off, but as always life gets in their way. Can they make this work? Read along and find out!This is my first book by this author, and I’m so looking forward to reading more about Bea’s friends in this series!

  44. Karla B.

    Thought I already sent a review..?but can’t find it! I had a bit of trouble getting into this book, as so many characters were thrown into the first chapter. Fortunately, I kept reading. I later realized they were the heroine’s(Bea’s) support group. Grant was amazingly patient! I enjoyed it.Karla B.

  45. Sandy H

    I had an ARC copy of this book, but this is my honest and voluntary opinion. Bea Callahan makes lists for everything. When her divorce is final her friends talk her into going to Hilton Head for 10 days. While there she becomes friend with the owner of her rental property and she plans to return, but life interferes. The plot includes issues of starting over midlife, trust, and priorities. An uplifting book and a great read.

  46. Barbara Tobey

    Loved it. A sweet romance later in life. Charming and relatable. Supportive friends certainly do make life’s uncertainties a little easier to handle. A fun page turner. I was eager for the happily ever after, but I didn’t want to story to end. Thanks to Prolific Works for providing a copy. My review is voluntary.

  47. MJ

    I absolutely loved this book, getting to know all the characters. I loved Grant and Bea’s story and can’t wait for the rest of the stories. These two are so right for each other. Make sure you get the bonus chapters at the end. They are worth it. A really great second chance romance.I received an advance copy of this book but truly loved it and voluntarily leave my review.

  48. Authors Show Linda

    When Bea’s divorce papers finally arrive, she’s not sure what comes next. A life-long maker of lists, she’s compiled a new one called her love list. Little does she realize that this list will change her life forever. When her friend, Cass, books a vacation for her on Hilton Head Island, she’s trying to adjust to traveling alone. Then she meets the owner/manager of the beach house she’s staying at, she doesn’t expect Grant to capture her heart. But she lives in small-town Texas and he’s been on Hilton Head most of his life. Does their budding love even stand a chance? This is the perfect beach read about a group of women closer than most sisters and how they learn to adapt to life’s changes. An excellent read.

  49. Mickey

    Elana sweeps you off your feet making you want to book a flight to that very destination she’s written about! I cannot tell you how often I’ve written down each and every trip I’ve imagined wanting to take via her stories…

  50. Babrara W.

    I love this book for I have been to HH so many times for vacation. This island brings out the best of things. Elana wrote a wonderful story about losing love and finding it again, about a group of ladies living in Texas getting together one a month to have supper and lift each other up. Can’t wait to read the other books.

  51. Elaine Kiefer

    A sweet story of second chances. Bea is 45 years old when her husband files for divorce after having an affair with his secretary. With the encouragement of the 5 ladies in her “supper club” she begins to check off things on her love list–a list of things she would love to do. When her friend books her a beach vacation in South Carolina, she is instantly drawn to the manager of the rental property. As they work through obstacles, like her living in Texas and him in South Carolina, and his teenage daughter, they find their way to happiness. I look forward to the stories of the rest of the women in the supper club.

  52. Shadowell

    A great story that is very moving and enjoyable.

  53. Carol A. Gates

    Newly divorced Bea is trying to move forward. As a compulsive list maker, she’s listed things to do—things she’s never done—things that push her out of her comfort zone—things to give her joy. Being coerced by her friends to take a trip to the beach to check off some of these items, Bea travels from Texas to Hilton Head and falls head over heals for Grant, the manager of her rental property. And the feelings are mutual. These feelings are so strong that she plans on returning to Grant and Hilton Head after traveling to Texas for family commitments. An unfortunate accident cancels her plans as she cares for her parents. She rejects her plan to uproot her life and create a new one in Hilton Head. This realistic but fun plot has the reader cheering for Bea and Grant to figure out how to be together forever!

  54. Tasha Thomas

    This was truly a down home, sweet love story. The characters were well thought out and the storyline was good

  55. Falmouth

    I’ve read a lot of books by Elana Johnson. But this book is way more than a romance. It was about a middle aged woman, Bea, who has close friends that she sees regularly. After a drawn out divorce, 14 months of fighting with her ex, the divorce is final. Bea is a great maker of lists and she’s written out a list for what she wants to do, sort of a bucket list, but more a list of enjoyable or challenging things she wants to try. Her friends book her into a water front cottage on Hilton Head Island.She starts working on her list and meets a man – maybe THE man. But she’s a long way from home and life goes on.This book is a clean story about friendship, family, and love. Anyone can read it.I received a copy of this book from the author. This is my honest review.

  56. Joyful

    Very easy and fun read. Well written and a nice change from heavy reads. No violence, vulgar language….just a nice love story.

  57. Kathryn Thibeaux

    I needed something fun and light with characters that drew me into their world and this delivered. Easy to empathize with this collection of supportive women and step into their world. Great read for women who are mothers of grown women and caregivers to their parents.

  58. Ruth Bradford

    What a fun book. There really can be a second chance at love. L funove the supper club…such a great event for a group of friends.

  59. Marianne K.

    This is a sweet and fun contemporary romance.. I liked it so much! It is lovely and heartwarming..

  60. LeAnn

    I have always shied away from ‘later in life’ romances. I’m at that age and didn’t think I would enjoy reading about it. So when I started reading A Love List, I almost stopped, before I got started. But I had committed to reading it so on I went. The story about this group of ladies “The Supper Club” hit the mark. I throughly enjoyed learning about these ladies, and surprisingly didn’t fell overwhelmed by intros to all of them. I thought the story development was really well done, focusing mostly on Bea and Grant. But the few chapters that highlighted other characters really tied in well and made you want to hear their story also. I also really appreciated the wholesome, chaste relationship. The love list, list is a really fun idea for anyone needing to expand and explore, to add new things to keep life interesting. No real high drama, just loving, and compassionate friends that support and encourage each other. A breath of fresh air and a rededication to trying new things, like ‘later in life’ romances. I am excited to read who’s story is next!

  61. Kindle Customer

    This sweet romance stays out of the too-sweet by including some of the real issues of middle age: avoiding being trapped by the needs of both children and parents. A light novel with enough weight to keep it interesting.

  62. Judith K.

    Bea newly divorced 40 something wonders what to do now in that her youngest son was in college & her two older children seemed settled in other cities in Texas.Grant, owner & manager of vacation properties in Hilton Head Island, S. Carolina content with his life even though he misses his teenage daughter since his ex-wife left the island.Will Bea stretch her boundaries beyond Texas?How could Grant stretch his contentment on to new horizons?ELANA JOHNSON, offers twists & turns in this adventure of two lives looking for new beginnings.

  63. Michal

    Ooooh, this was such a sweet story about Bea finding her way after her divorce becomes final. The Love List was a creative way to bring fun and freshness to her life. Falling in love with Grant at the beach was just a cherry on top! Enjoy this wonderful romance!

  64. Barbara W

    Bea was happy when she finally got the final divorce papers. It took fourteen months for that to happen. She decided to do things a different way. She had her long hair cut short and celebrated with her friends. Her friends told her she needed to get away for a vacation. One of the friends actually purchased a 10 day rental for her and sent her on her way! Bea wasn’t sure about this, but it was already purchased, so off she went to South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. Grant Turner owned the units and took care of any problems. Bea had several problems, and wound up moving in to one right beside the owner. I really enjoyed how well this story developed. This isn’t the end of the story, but it sure has a lot of love in it!

  65. Susan M

    Lovely story of a group of women friends that love and support each other through life’s ups and downs. One has a finalized divorce, the others encourage her to step out of her comfort zone!

  66. Diana L. Miller

    I enjoyed reading about a new beginning for a couple. It was a sweet romance book that showed that you Can start your life over after a Divorce. And find love the second time around. I enjoyed the romance of the book.

  67. Junie

    We All need friends like these❣️ Keep us humble, graceful and always know we have someone in our corner. The age group so delightful and relatable ????Beautiful read couldn’t put it down.We all need second chances filled with hope ???????? Being at the beach is the cherry and whipped cream ????

  68. Shauna J

    This book introduces you to a group of friends belonging to a ladies’ supper club. They are divorced, married, separated, or still single but they have bonded together and now support each other through all of life’s ups and downs. This book focuses on Bea who is now divorced after twenty-five years of marriage from a man who determined everything in her life and then wanted his secretary instead. After a fourteen month battle over what Bea would retain from the divorce, her friends send her off on a beach vacation, one of the things on her “love list” of things she wants to do. Arriving she soon finds the beach town is able to help her mark off things on her list and even add a few unexpected things. You also get to meet the other women in the group and get introductory peeks into their lives. A fun light read. I received an early copy and this is my honest review.

  69. Renee

    The start of a series about 6 friends – their friendship as well as their individual lives. We get a glimpse at each of the friends – some more than others. This book is primarily about Bea and her love list. I adore Grant. Definitely a keeper. We also get to meet a few of the guys in Hilton Head Island. I liked that this was about men and women in their forties (some maybe older). A second chance at love or a first chance but older. Sweet ending.

  70. Mary Cultrera

    Great read, loved description of each character, enjoyed the story of each friend and their story, especially their age group. Recommend.

  71. Book Addict

    Five great friends, each with distinct personalities. Real life and a healthy dose of romance. What’s not to love? Looking forward to reading the next book in Elena Johnson’s series.

  72. Kelly6

    A wonderful and refreshing book about friendship and second chances. ❤️ I love this book. Beatrice or “Bea” has six amazing friends who are trying to help her through the finalizing of her divorce. She is notorious for making list so her friends help her check off some items by sending her on a trip to Hilton Head Island for some relaxation. Bea will have an easy time checking off items when she meets the rental manager, Grant. If you want a sweet read for the beach pick up The Love List.

  73. [email protected]

    I have read this book but a lot of others as well and since then so I don’t remember all of the story. I do remember it well enough to remember how much I enjoyed it. I remember her good friends that supported her through her tough times after a divorce. I love all the books of Elana that I have read which is a lot. You won’t be disappointed.

  74. Becky H.

    This book is about Bea who’s recently divorced. She has a list of things she’d like to do. It becomes her love list. She’d like to do everything on the list by herself, with her group of best friends.

  75. [email protected]

    Sandy H
    I had an ARC copy of this book, but this is my honest and voluntary opinion. Bea Callahan makes lists for everything. When her divorce is final her friends talk her into going to Hilton Head for 10 days. While there she becomes friend with the owner of her rental property and she plans to return, but life interferes. The plot includes issues of starting over midlife, trust, and priorities. An uplifting book and a great read.

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