Book 5: The Paramedic’s Partner – eBook

Book 5: The Paramedic’s Partner – eBook

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A set of identical twins, a pair of paramedic partners, and the mistaken identity that could cost both twins their chance at happily-ever-after…

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Jazzy Fuller has always been overshadowed by her prettier, more popular twin, Fabiana. While Jazzy hasn’t been on a date in almost a year, Fabi has to schedule weeks out just to accommodate all the invitations she gets. She meets paramedic Max Robinson at the park and sets a date with him only to come down with the flu.

So she convinces Jazzy to cut her hair and take her place on the date. And the spark between Jazzy and Max is hot and instant…if only he knew she wasn’t her sister, Fabi.

Max has been married once before, but he now spends his time playing the guitar and taking care of his little sister’s exotic bird. He drives the ambulance for the town of Brush Creek with is partner Ed Moon, and neither of them have been all that lucky in love.

Until Max suggests to who he thinks is Fabi that they should double with Ed and Jazzy. They do, and Fabi is smitten with the steady, strong Ed Moon, who’s come to Brush Creek to help take care of his sister and her family after a devastating accident. As each twin falls further and further in love with their respective paramedic, it becomes obvious they’ll need to come clean about the switcheroo sooner rather than later…or risk losing their hearts. Will Fabi and Jazzy find the courage and faith to reveal their true identities? And when they do, will Ed and Max forgive them?

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