Book 1: The Perfect Storm – eBook

Book 1: The Perfect Storm – eBook

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A freak storm has her sliding down the mountain…right into the arms of her ex. Eden has a few supplies–as well as only eyes for Holden. As they spend time out in the wilds of Hawaii trying to survive, their old flame is rekindled. But with secrets and old feelings in the way, will Holden be able to take all the broken pieces of his life and put them back together in a way that makes sense? Or will he lose his heart and the reputation of his company because of a single landslide?

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The Perfect Storm: A freak storm has her sliding down the mountain...right into the arms of her ex.

The Overboard Mistake: Friends who ditch her. A pod of killer whales. A limping cruise ship. All reasons Iris finds herself stranded on a deserted island with the handsome Navy SEAL...

The Cruising Fiasco: He can throw a precision pass, but he's dead in the water in matters of the heart...

The Sand Bar Misstep: Tired of the dating scene, a cowboy billionaire puts up an Internet ad to find a woman to come out to a deserted island with him to see if they can make a love connection...

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $4.99.
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Eden McLaughlin is fed up with rich men who scoff at her outdoor product line. She’s worked for Explore Getaway Bay for a long time, and she tinkers with making outdoor survival products in her spare time—and she can’t get a single investor on the island to back her. Not even her employer, as no one knows who actually owns the company.

So fine. She’ll take a hike, literally.

When an isolated storm causes a downpour and then a landslide, Eden has no choice but to go with the tons of rocks and mud—right off the side of a cliff and into the arms of her ex-boyfriend.

Holden Holstein drags her under an overhang just in the nick of time. He has no supplies, which is super embarrassing as he owns the island’s biggest outdoor company, Explore Getaway Bay, and he should know better. But he was just getting out of the office for a moment.

He’s thrilled to discover the mud-covered woman in his temporary shelter is his ex-girlfriend, who he’s never gotten over. But he’s not fond of the huge wound on his leg that’s sending fire through his system, nor the fact that the landslide took out the only path back to safety.

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8 reviews for Book 1: The Perfect Storm – eBook

  1. Virginia Schnur

    Great book,

  2. Terry

    Perfect romance, beautiful but dangerous setting, interesting plot and great characters.

  3. Coffee Chat (verified owner)

  4. Tammy (verified owner)

  5. Arlene Snyder (verified owner)

    Very easy to order and a great variety of books.

  6. Cherie

    Can’t wait to read,sounds exciting

  7. Cathi P. (verified owner)

  8. [email protected]

    Sandy H
    Eden McLaughlin an outdoor enthusiast and inventor gets stranded on a mountain after a freak storm and mudslide. She is saved from falling further by her former boyfriend, Holden Holstein as he drags her under an overhang. They both survive because of her survival inventions and knowledge. Once they are rescued, he sets up a meeting with his board to discuss producing her inventions. An interesting and engaging story.

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