Book 3: The Trooper’s Treasure – eBook

Book 3: The Trooper’s Treasure – eBook

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The “wild child” of the Fuller family, a state trooper with a daughter, and his year-long crush that could build a family if he could just get out of the friends category…

Can McDermott help Dawn find a way past her former mistakes and down a path that leads to love, family, and happiness?

Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $3.99.
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Dawn Fuller has made some mistakes in her life, and she’s not proud of the way McDermott Boyd found her off the road one day last year. She’d driven an hour to have a medical test done so her family wouldn’t know, and while McDermott has asked Dawn out several times since then, her shame and embarrassment haven’t allowed her to say yes.

She’s spent a hard year wrestling with her choices and trying to fix them, glad for McDermott’s acceptance and friendship. He lost his wife years ago, done his best with his daughter, and now he’s ready to move on. He’s dated other women, but he keeps gravitating back to Dawn as if she’s the sun and his whole world revolves around her. He asks her out one more time, surprised when she finally accepts.

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