Book 5: Wishful Cowboy – Audiobook

Book 5: Wishful Cowboy – Audiobook


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He needs a place where he can thrive without his past haunting him. She’s been waiting for the cowboy to return so she can confess her feelings. Can Luke and Hannah make their second chance into a forever love?

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Lucas Holt thought he’d be happy in Las Vegas with his family. He’s glad to be with people who love him, but it turns out that he’s too close to the life he had before he was convicted and sent to prison. He’s watched his four best friends overcome their pasts, and he knows the best way to accomplish that is to stay far away from the activities that led to incarceration.

He returns to Texas and Hope Eternal Ranch, where everyone is thrilled to see him—especially Hannah Otto. She’s had a minor crush on the man for months, and before he left town, there were rumors that he was going to ask her out. He never did, though, and Hannah’s been left to wonder if she should find someone else to date or wait for Luke. She wishes he would just come out and say how he feels.

As they reconnect, Luke doesn’t know how to talk about what landed him in prison. He doesn’t know how to tell Hannah what she wants to hear. He wishes he were better at communicating, better at knowing what he should to with his life, and a better man for Hannah. When his past follows him to Hope Eternal Ranch, Luke wishes he knew what to do. But he doesn’t. His life didn’t come with a how-to guide, and he turns to Hannah for help, hoping, praying, and wishing with everything inside him that he’s not putting her in danger in the process.

Can Hannah and Luke build a relationship on more than wishes? Or will he end up leaving town to save her—and breaking both of their hearts? Cowboys looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness.

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