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After writing 43 books, only ONE of them features a story that’s inspired by my own past. I was a complete nerd in high school, but while acting as a counselor at a summer camp, the coolest guy in the school fell for me… and asked me to prom. Finding Grace is a second chance romance that flashes back to a similar incident. PR rep Addy’s much-needed promotion hinges on finding a new client. But the only candidate she can think of is Ben, her way-too-cool-and-rich high school boyfriend! Can she convince him to give her a chance… without falling for him all over again?

My author's pick is Just His Secretary, because I think a lot of readers don't know I write romcoms. This is the first book in my Southern Roots Sweet RomCom series, and it has office grumps, fake dating, and all the hilarious pets you could possibly hope for! I mean, we all want a parrot that screams, "Bacon-bacon-motor-bike!" don't we? Mmm, you do. You just don't know it yet.

I picked the first book in my romcom series Me and the Cute Catastrophe because, while readers often comment on the laugh out loud moments in my Cowboy books, I got to go full out with the humor in this. It’s funny, though, because readers say the kiss scene in this book is the best one I’ve written. In my opinion, lots of laughter and great kissing are essential ingredients in a lifetime romance.

My pick is First Real Kiss because I adore books with a magic-like touch of the unexplainable (like Dr. Hotwell’s dream about Sheridan), as well as stories when the characters discover they experienced something life-shaping in their shared past. Plus, the chemistry between hot surgeon and life coach who wants to take him down a notch just sizzles.

My author’s pick is Loving the Cowboy's Heart. In Dakota and Tanner’s story, you’ll visit a charming small town, much like the one I recently moved to. There, you’ll find a dash of family drama, redemption, and a fun road trip—get ready to munch on snacks and sing along to country tunes. And let’s not forget the irresistible bundle of baby love named Rowdy. This novel is part of the Ritchie Ranch Cowboy series but stands alone. Get ready for a heart-melting, tear-jerking read, fun-loving read!

I chose Worst Neighbor Ever because this plot just lit me up inside. What if her ex left her with his two dogs and his wacky Grandma, and it was the best thing that ever happened to her? Plus, there’s a new love interest who is suspicious and delicious, a loyal bestie, and the most fun you can pack into a prequel to a rom-com series.

Have you ever dreamt of inheriting a few million dollars from a long-lost relative? Amelia has too, and she wrote this book with that daydream in mind. 50-year-old Claire Cooke takes her windfall and buys a seaside hotel on Orcas Island. Add in a handsome hotel manager and the FBI knocking at her door and you've got a fun and sweet series starter!

Rachael Bloome includes her love of hope, redemption, and found families in every sweet romance she writes, but The Faith in Flowers holds a special place in her heart. Poignant, uplifting, and heartwarming, this feel-good story inspires readers to have a little faith, even when the odds are against you. Root for Olivia as she gets a second chance at life and love… with the help of her childhood best friend, who's even more of a heartthrob than she remembers. And don’t forget to read the author’s note, where she shares how her own personal heartbreak and path to healing inspired the story.

Tess Thompson has nearly 60 titles published but one of the favorite books she's ever written is Missed: Rafael and Lisa. This is the sixth book in her Cliffside Bay Series but is a great one to read if you're never read any of Tess's books because it basically starts part two of this long series. These are all books that can be read as standalones. From Tess: "I love this one because I get to pretend to be a beautiful, famous actress in the company of a hot bodyguard. Plus, there's family drama, including a witchy mother and Lisa's struggling twin brother."

My pick is How to Kiss a Movie Star. It’s the fourth book in my How to Kiss series, but it can totally be read as a stand alone! I loved creating a love story between Flint, a very famous movie star, and a biologist named Audrey who has no idea who he even is! He falls first in this one, and it was so fun to write.

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