Jeremiah's Bogus Bride
Jeremiah’s Bogus Bride

Jeremiah’s Bogus Bride

Liz Isaacson

Whitney shoots brides to pay the bills, but what she really wants to do is an obscure type of baby photography she hasn't told anyone about. She has a website under a fake name, and she swears all of her clients to secrecy. She's as attracted to the drop-dead gorgeous cowboy as she is annoyed by his refusal to let her onto his property. Doesn't mean she's going to give up. And when Jeremiah calls with a favor of his own? Whitney isn't sure if she should laugh at him the way he has her so many times or jump at the chance to become his bogus bride. Will a fake marriage be the thing to heal his heart and bring them closer together? Or will he be left at the proverbial altar again?
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