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He needs a fresh start. She’s back in town for a new job. For Luke and Becks, can an old flame burn brighter the second time around?

Luke Miller needs a fresh start, though he loves working with his friends at Chestnut Ranch. He wasn’t expecting his fresh start to include his former girlfriend.

He’s never stopped loving Rebecca Stewart, but she left Chestnut Springs a decade and a half ago to save the world by preventing cybercrime one by one.

Becks knows more about websites than anyone—building them, securing them, all of it. So when her father falls and breaks his hip, she finally gives in to her uncle’s pleas for her to come to the Texas Longhorn Ranch and build the thriving commercial ranch a safe and secure online presence.

She knew Luke would still be in town. She was simply hoping he’d be too busy with his besties out at a different ranch to hear she was back in town.

But those besties set her up with him, and there’s no turning back now…

Can Luke and Becks make their second chance into a happily-ever-after this time? Or has the spark between them fizzled?


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