Thanks for reading!

Heck, yes! Thank you for reading!

The Island Scandal - eBook

Ready to move on to the rest of the series?

Oh, boy. Thank you so much for reading THE ISLAND HOUSE!

I went to a conference for authors one time, and I was standing in a group of strangers. Someone was telling a story, and I was listening along, nodding. I asked a couple of questions. The other person replied. Finally, one of the men standing with us said, “I just have to stop you for a second. You’re so genuine. You really want to know what’s going on with her.”

I said I did.

He said, “You’re one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I can just feel it.”

I thought that was such a great compliment!

I hope YOU can feel it too when I say, “Thank you for reading my book!”

There’s no greater compliment for an author. We write and publish TO BE READ.

So thank you. 🙂 <3

Now, are you ready for the rest of the series? I built this beautiful website so you could have a homebase for all things romantic, beachy, full of cowboys, faith, inspiration, and love!

It’s Feel-Good Fiction.

It inspires, heals, engages, and satisfies.

The next book in the Getaway Bay Romance series is guaranteed to do all of that and more -in fact, it opens the doors to the Hawaiian Island and invites you to come sit down for dinner with all these friends at Your Tidal Forever!

You’ll really feel like part of the family – in Getaway Bay and here at Feel-Good Fiction! – with every novel of mine you read.

So… there are six more full-length books in the series!

Because we have this homebase on this site, I can sell the books far cheaper than you can get them on another storefront.

I’ve bundled the books together into one package deal, so you can go find out what will happen with Charlotte’s friend Ash…and her best friend Burke! The island can be a small place, and secrets don’t stay hidden for long… They become… scandals! Soon these people will be entrenched in YOUR life too!


I can give you the next six complete books, the entire series, for only $9.99. Just click here to be taken to the bundle page to buy!

If you’re not ready for that, click here for a special offer on Book 2 – The Island Scandal, featuring best friends, one of whom has an unrequited crush on the other… 

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